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  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias Il y a 6 jours

    What is PR values and X values?

  • Paul Sumpner
    Paul Sumpner Il y a 3 mois

    11:36 - class HandleHandler;

  • BarteZ
    BarteZ Il y a 5 mois

    elixir vs node js vs php?

  • Nick Enchev
    Nick Enchev Il y a 6 mois

    lets pool some money together and buy a few vowels for this guy's name

  • Stéphanie GONZALES
    Stéphanie GONZALES Il y a 6 mois

    Bonjour papa de liliah

  • Пётр Б.
    Пётр Б. Il y a 9 mois

    Speaker and presentation are terribly out of sync. It is obvious that it was not that way in reality because speaker looks at the screen frequently.

    • Пётр Б.
      Пётр Б. Il y a 9 mois

      I ended up with -22500ms audio shift just to match the presentation with voice.

  • Gabriel Lanzer
    Gabriel Lanzer Il y a 9 mois

    Desliked because of the slides out of sync! Will change it once it's alright once more.

  • Catalin Bogatoiu
    Catalin Bogatoiu Il y a 10 mois

    Hello sir, Do you provide the code somewhere? I am trying to use DTLS context. Any example of code somewhere? Thank you.

  • Maxime Parata
    Maxime Parata Il y a 11 mois

    Please could you remake the video with synchroneous slides? Otherwise it's hard to follow along

  • Charles Van Noland

    The slides are not synchronized with what he's talking about. It starts jumping ahead during @18:00 and loses track entirely by jumping ahead more and more in spite of him still talking about the slide already being shown. Not helpful!

  • abhishek singh
    abhishek singh Il y a an

    its not visible...

  • Connor Smiley
    Connor Smiley Il y a an

    Can I go back to learning how to cout << ?

  • Nikos Cuatro
    Nikos Cuatro Il y a an


  • Seedzification
    Seedzification Il y a an

    I cracked so hard at "Hello do we have any electricity here?" hahaha

  • Jakub Sowiński
    Jakub Sowiński Il y a an

    Author's blog: Slides:

  • Jakub Sowiński
    Jakub Sowiński Il y a an

    Author's blog: Slides:

  • Flavius Aspra
    Flavius Aspra Il y a an

    If an aggregate root defines a transaction, what is a saga for?

  • Tomek Trome
    Tomek Trome Il y a an

    I was on that conference and for the whole day the organiser did not offer even water.

  • James Rutherford
    James Rutherford Il y a an

    It would be nice to have a tutorial based on the DEMO that sets each of the steps up on your pc. (java logger, kafka, docker, elasticsearch, kibana, logstash) with code and configuration guidance.

  • Midge 't Hoen
    Midge 't Hoen Il y a an

    Its too bad that the slides or unreadable..

  • Piotr Borowczynski

    Great presentation. Cheers

  • Andanayya Shashidhar Hiremath

    hi.. can you share the similar code that connects to application

  • Srishti Sinha
    Srishti Sinha Il y a 2 ans

    What language did he speak before? Portuguese?

  • Bibesh Manandhar
    Bibesh Manandhar Il y a 2 ans

    Can I get the whole Slides please ?

  • craig cyr
    craig cyr Il y a 2 ans

    Follow my twitter HumorforAI's @CanAIlie, we're already a component of AI. Help spread awareness of this topic through comics as more and more struggling artists become aware of the implications.

  • Stephen Gatana
    Stephen Gatana Il y a 2 ans

    Hello Michał Karzyński, this is a wonderful presentation. Where can i get the documentation for the same

    • Salomon Popp
      Salomon Popp Il y a an

      I found it here

  • Emanuel Seibold
    Emanuel Seibold Il y a 2 ans

    Abgesehen von dem sehr undeutlichen Englisch beinhaltet die Präsentation diverse Fehler. Zudem wenn die Veröffentlichung am 12.09.2017, sollte wohl kaum noch die das SDK 24 genutzt werden. PS: <data class="..." /> erlaubt den Namen der generieren Datei zu bestimmen.

  • Badren Yassine
    Badren Yassine Il y a 2 ans

    Very interesting i'm building an app based on user location and i'm using Ionic firebase and cloud function.

  • Adam Baszak
    Adam Baszak Il y a 2 ans

    sound quality is kind of butt