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  • Majin
    Majin Il y a 20 secondes

    I do item shop reviews Awell

  • ShadowX06 the bro!
    ShadowX06 the bro! Il y a 3 minutes

    In the Barney tune... I love you, you love myth, that makes you my family!

  • Kyoko the saiyan
    Kyoko the saiyan Il y a 4 minutes

    Who else salty she didn’t figure out she could swim?

  • CDTV Blaze
    CDTV Blaze Il y a 4 minutes

    I love my mom so much

  • B R O K E N里非
    B R O K E N里非 Il y a 6 minutes

    luv u Poki😍😍😍😍

  • Solidtree108
    Solidtree108 Il y a 8 minutes

    Hey poki if you need someone to play with I’ll be here

  • jaliscoyurp
    jaliscoyurp Il y a 9 minutes

    Hey Pokimane, Roses are red Violets are blue Love never crossed my mind until the day I met you

  • WhiteWolf12_ 1A2
    WhiteWolf12_ 1A2 Il y a 10 minutes

    You really love alot if skins don't you. No Offense, am not trying to be mean

  • QuantumKiller
    QuantumKiller Il y a 10 minutes

    why am i still subscribed to you, you scream SO loud lol

  • xXSniperElite2w
    xXSniperElite2w Il y a 17 minutes

    I wanna watch pokimanes videos but i cant cause my parents think im watching something inapropriate just cause the noises she makes.

  • Mr Mysteriousgamer101
    Mr Mysteriousgamer101 Il y a 18 minutes

    Ily poki

  • Chris Bris
    Chris Bris Il y a 20 minutes

    can you foken stop screaming ...

  • Mr_ khalody
    Mr_ khalody Il y a 21 minute

    I Love Pokimane I From Morocco

  • Bleh Uchiha
    Bleh Uchiha Il y a 22 minutes

    they copied danger zone

  • 3M1LY
    3M1LY Il y a 23 minutes

    Y does every Fortnite you tuber think that they r always in the battle pass

  • Elijah Beasley
    Elijah Beasley Il y a 24 minutes

    poki this give you shields the ,ore you know

    • Elijah Beasley
      Elijah Beasley Il y a 17 minutes

      poki this give you shields the more you know and if you want a skin ask epic games to give you a skin like loserfriut she got a skin in season 9

  • Vinyl Gamer
    Vinyl Gamer Il y a 25 minutes

    poki and fitz fortnite??????????

  • C2K_WhyNah
    C2K_WhyNah Il y a 27 minutes

    Cuter puts The legend of zelda and Mario Odyssey music in the backround the whole time

  • C-REX
    C-REX Il y a 30 minutes

    I ;OVE MY MOM DO MUCH!!!!!

  • Fate_Rez
    Fate_Rez Il y a 30 minutes

    You heard it pokimane broke

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia Il y a 31 minute

    in my game they were bots

    MARIO AVILA Il y a 34 minutes

    0:09 ik the song ur what's that version called

  • Trae's games
    Trae's games Il y a 40 minutes

    i like how for 2 seasons now she says that her skin is in the game stop trying to Ali-a us

  • Zee Knights
    Zee Knights Il y a 41 minute

    Me-Fortnite sucks PewDiePie-Fortnite sucks Truth-Fortnite suckss!!

  • bimedial inks
    bimedial inks Il y a 42 minutes

    I ship

  • Essentially Retro
    Essentially Retro Il y a 42 minutes

    Wait that was fitz??????!?!?!!?

  • ム乇尺ムőイムイá尺
    ム乇尺ムőイムイá尺 Il y a 42 minutes

    5:28 The More Than U Know

  • DANO
    DANO Il y a 46 minutes


  • Jeremiah Cintron
    Jeremiah Cintron Il y a 47 minutes

    I cant buy the pass How do you like the battle pass

  • Hamlinz is Sus
    Hamlinz is Sus Il y a 49 minutes

    Wow she died to bots 😂

  • To_The_ArKade73
    To_The_ArKade73 Il y a 50 minutes

    I didn't purchase the battle pass my homie boy Colby gifted me that. Thanks Colby.

  • Maxiooga Booga
    Maxiooga Booga Il y a 52 minutes

    Why the fuck does she always say that skin is me?

  • Rick Arellano
    Rick Arellano Il y a 53 minutes

    Ayeeeee fitz singing Linkin park at the end 😂🤘🏼

  • J Aliyy
    J Aliyy Il y a 54 minutes

    Poki what the first Match is a practice and I got a victory on mobile

  • Memer Memes
    Memer Memes Il y a 54 minutes

    Don't worry Demi I know how you feel

  • Ayoub Morgan
    Ayoub Morgan Il y a 55 minutes

    I love my mom so much

  • Ocean Bethel
    Ocean Bethel Il y a 57 minutes

    You already have a skin in the season 9 battle pass stop thinking everything is your skin in fortnite

  • Daniel Beckford
    Daniel Beckford Il y a 57 minutes

    I love my mom so much

  • Gabe McWithey
    Gabe McWithey Il y a 57 minutes

    Poki can you gift me the battle pass cuz I am not allowed to buy stuff on games my only skins was from my cousin for my bday

  • Marisela Mora
    Marisela Mora Il y a heure


  • Mohammad ALObaedy
    Mohammad ALObaedy Il y a heure

    She got killed by a bot😂😂😂 First game after the trailer is a bot lobby

  • Ghostly YT
    Ghostly YT Il y a heure

    Battle pass good? 👇

  • John G
    John G Il y a heure

    Big fan

  • No Name
    No Name Il y a heure

    you have terrible thumbnails like sniperwolf. you ethots are some of the worst humans

  • John G
    John G Il y a heure

    Love u

  • Yuyaa Abyss
    Yuyaa Abyss Il y a heure

    Why do her setting look like extra low

  • Zapplerainbow
    Zapplerainbow Il y a heure

    5:06 I lost 7191682027384 braincells

  • Marlaaa 287
    Marlaaa 287 Il y a heure

    Mhh whats the name from the song on the beginning with the onana 😅😂

  • Brian Hanson
    Brian Hanson Il y a heure

    They are all bots

  • Progamerm786 YT
    Progamerm786 YT Il y a heure

    Season 11 is actually alright

  • Manuel Medina
    Manuel Medina Il y a heure

    Oh these two made the "Gardfield and Mimi" at Twitchcon FOR SURE

  • Lynx Fleuri
    Lynx Fleuri Il y a heure

    8:15 music zelda breath of the wild hihiii❤❤❤❤❤

  • KP
    KP Il y a heure

    This video is top 1 adorable content

  • Unknown Legend
    Unknown Legend Il y a heure

    When she calls it blub it makes it cuter 🥰

  • Stoink me Doink
    Stoink me Doink Il y a heure

    Stop playing fortnite it is insanely horrible

  • TelliCast
    TelliCast Il y a heure

    anyone else notice that Fitz has been in 7 uploads in a row now and she has two more not even spaced out at all plus she was on the misfits podcast just today man y'all got close quick

  • Blu Blue
    Blu Blue Il y a heure

    That skin is you? And let me guess the skin jumping out the party bus was Tfue. O ....LET ME GUESS . Damn lol btw that looks more like a random tik tok ho than you poki mane. Value yourself a bit more eh

  • jordan Rodriguez
    jordan Rodriguez Il y a heure

    She got so hype over the girls. Me:? Why?

  • Brogan Jones and crazy kid

    Anyone else love all of pokis weird names for skins?

  • Mr Z
    Mr Z Il y a heure

    Wait why every girl skin u like is u

  • MrSharkFIN
    MrSharkFIN Il y a heure

    2:03 No he couldn't have. He was a bot.

  • MoDeBoZZ Vidz
    MoDeBoZZ Vidz Il y a heure

    Can I play one game with u :)

  • LucKerzZz
    LucKerzZz Il y a heure

    Fitz is a vanilla dude

  • PHX Vortex
    PHX Vortex Il y a heure

    Don’t worry il bye the last 10 tears for you

  • FORZ4N
    FORZ4N Il y a heure

    Poki just saying there are couple of bot on the game so that's why some of them land late and keep pixaxe stuff

  • Selano Johnson
    Selano Johnson Il y a heure

    Omg i bet poki doesnt know that she is fighting mostly bots.Lol😂

  • Makayla Serrano Garcia

    4:02 awww that was so cute

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger Il y a heure

    anyone know whats the name of the sound effect at the beginning

  • MSP Ellie
    MSP Ellie Il y a heure

    The chic skin is me too!!!

  • Elevated Nigga
    Elevated Nigga Il y a heure

    *_slowly takes out n word pass_* M'sir

  • Faze-Youtube FAze
    Faze-Youtube FAze Il y a heure

    "OMG i can carry him already doing that"😂😂😂

  • J
    J Il y a heure

    That skin does not look like her but it’s still coo

  • uptoyou
    uptoyou Il y a heure

    7:14 autotune?

  • elliotiscool DA
    elliotiscool DA Il y a heure

    We failed boyz fortnite is still alive

  • Not clout
    Not clout Il y a heure

    Everybody put on the Poke skin and then go to are streaming friendly stream sniper it's a great idea we got to make this an event

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex Il y a heure


  • Hope Shuki
    Hope Shuki Il y a heure

    Outro song

  • Lizziehearts _
    Lizziehearts _ Il y a heure

    I didn't know fitz still played fortnite

  • brand0n -A52
    brand0n -A52 Il y a heure

    Poki every season: *looks through skins and finds one that resembles her* This is me chat!

  • OvrCkdChkn
    OvrCkdChkn Il y a heure

    I was trying to tell you there are computers in the game now in ur chat but you didn’t see

  • PergiX
    PergiX Il y a heure

    this game is like... i mean fortnite is this is a the blub and, th-the water you can swim and all that.. i think this is a nice game

  • Daniel Pizaño
    Daniel Pizaño Il y a heure

    I got my win yesterday with 11 eliminations

  • Frank The Great
    Frank The Great Il y a heure

    I watched this on stream lol

  • Lou's list
    Lou's list Il y a heure

    I've got a million diamonds before

  • hoops124able
    hoops124able Il y a heure


  • Fear Shortstop
    Fear Shortstop Il y a heure

    Shortstop11 5

  • Primarylegend21
    Primarylegend21 Il y a heure

    Oh you guys like each other

  • Fear Shortstop
    Fear Shortstop Il y a heure

    Poki can you please add me on Fortnite

  • Jojo Attia
    Jojo Attia Il y a heure

    Uncultured kids I’ve seen no comments mentioning the Zelda twilight princess reference for the fishing(and before you haters say you don’t like Zelda IT WON GAME OF THE YEAR when is came out soooooooooo yeah) I’m not hating I’m just sad

  • killian van rotterdam
    killian van rotterdam Il y a heure

    Btw there are ai in the game now like npc

  • Solosist
    Solosist Il y a heure

    My favorite thing about fortnite chapter 2 is watching Poki play❤️❤️

  • Brent Blackburn
    Brent Blackburn Il y a heure

    @pokimane you can also use the fishing rod to snatch team mates back and you can throw people if you carry them. So how do you like chapter 2 so far....the boat is awesome to btw...it can go on land and water and shoots rockets. Hope you enjoy it....I think its a big improvement!!!! Also I love your videos shows your awesome personality!!!!

  • jphuertas7
    jphuertas7 Il y a heure

    Hi poki im know that i come soo late but i love u and also i want to play with u my name in epic is jphuertas7

    BRYCE BISHOP Il y a heure


  • yoboi1009
    yoboi1009 Il y a heure

    It makes sense to eat pizza upside down 😂

  • Taken
    Taken Il y a heure

    I wanted fortnite to stay down but then the 5 year olds would come raid and ruin the other game so im actually happy fortnite is back

  • Max Huzen
    Max Huzen Il y a heure

    5:50 That's some real boomer energy Poki is giving off

  • linkzuu
    linkzuu Il y a heure

    Only People Who loves Pokimane Can like this ❤️ 👇 I am decent 💪🤷‍♂️

    • Kaz Lucky
      Kaz Lucky Il y a heure

      linkzuu no shut the fuck up u dumbass self promoter

  • BlackAmex Vlogs
    BlackAmex Vlogs Il y a heure

    The comment that doesn't have a like will get a reward. Reply and if yo u ain't got a like, GG

  • Zakaria Kharroubi
    Zakaria Kharroubi Il y a heure