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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • Ricky Morrison
    Ricky Morrison Il y a 17 secondes

    Everything wrong with the secret life of pets 2?

  • El Gee
    El Gee Il y a 2 minutes

    Jeremy singing the lyrics to '"Welcome to Miami", is... BY FAR, the funniest thing I have ever heard!🤣

  • That One Person
    That One Person Il y a 3 minutes

    My dumbass thought it literally meant everything that actually happened in 2012

  • Natalie Farag
    Natalie Farag Il y a 7 minutes

    You missed one crucial sin: THIS MOVIE FREAKING EXISTS

  • scarlet kiks
    scarlet kiks Il y a 20 minutes

    Negative channel or a comedy channel. I don't understand this channel.

  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres Il y a 20 minutes

    "Where is my mom? Probably fucking your uncle Jaime"

  • Mudda Pedro
    Mudda Pedro Il y a 22 minutes

    if we were on a movie date, I would honestly hate to watch movies with you. You would literally criticize evvvvvery little detail 😂😂😂❤️

  • Kathryn Mo
    Kathryn Mo Il y a 26 minutes

    I know you guys have a podcast and it's funny and dope.

  • artman2oo3
    artman2oo3 Il y a 26 minutes

    Good video. And I did like this movie. I mean it’s popcorn scifi. But one sin you got wrong: when you said it wasn’t explained why the robot saved Will Smith’s character over the little girl. The movie does explain that. And in the context of the movie’s universe, it makes sense. Because the robot had a greater chance of saving Spooner’s life.

  • Lorenzo Paraphernalia
    Lorenzo Paraphernalia Il y a 27 minutes

    The one sin no one ever talks about is how in Iron Man 1 they were still figuring out the S.H.I.E.L.D name... but in this movie, set years before they already have the name and logo.

  • MaxGaming 745
    MaxGaming 745 Il y a 27 minutes

    The whole movie

  • Jokergamer 8
    Jokergamer 8 Il y a 29 minutes

    Ok bommer

  • Judy Clark
    Judy Clark Il y a 30 minutes

    Does anyone remember that Asian man who was walking that dog earlier? Yeahhhhhh... is anyone gonna acknowledge that dog or is it just gonna sit there forever-?

  • Eye yam Vearee board
    Eye yam Vearee board Il y a 34 minutes

    Ron isn’t Sirius he’s Ron

  • MrSugardove
    MrSugardove Il y a 34 minutes

    If will Smith was Jack reacher...this movie would have way more sins.... that bathroom scene is stupid.... and killing with 1 punch gets glossed over

  • ThiefPolska
    ThiefPolska Il y a 35 minutes

    OK now listen here, this might sound crazy but Bella has stopped aging because she became a vampire, meaning that her physical appearance will not change even if she is 100 y'old. right? now if we follow the same logic if a X y'old became a vampire they would stay in the form of the child forever until they eventually die, meaning that there is a possibility, in this universe, that a 100 y'old child exists? ding?

  • 10GaugeManiac
    10GaugeManiac Il y a 35 minutes

    4:22 the shotgun pellets made a smiley face.

  • Gh0ul 36
    Gh0ul 36 Il y a 36 minutes

    Wait how does optimus know English is for the movie because the autobots learn English trough the web in Transformers went they crashed on earth WTF!?

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here Il y a 38 minutes

    some films should be left alone. this was one. thumbs down

  • ToXic_ExpliXit 57
    ToXic_ExpliXit 57 Il y a 38 minutes

    I remember when he would actually talk about problems about the movie and not just judge it

  • Natalie Farag
    Natalie Farag Il y a 41 minute


  • DevilGacha Studios
    DevilGacha Studios Il y a 41 minute

    "What exactly did lipstick lady run into?" Me: She didnt run into anything. It was Kevin's footsteps which shook the street and caused her to fall over.

  • Andrae Henry
    Andrae Henry Il y a 41 minute

    Finally got around to watching this and thought about the top to bottom of the tower in 0.2 seconds and had to come check if there was a video and if that was mentioned lol

  • metamorphicorder
    metamorphicorder Il y a 42 minutes

    Maybe he took the case and then put it down and picked it back up when he left. You couldn't see his left hand when he was leaving. That's where the case was.

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz Il y a 43 minutes

    12:18. For the love of god thank you for saying it!!!

  • Tiaaa Hehe
    Tiaaa Hehe Il y a 45 minutes

    This was my child hood movies I watched all of them.

  • Drakengard65
    Drakengard65 Il y a 51 minute

    The only 2 things that didnt make sense in this movie was how the crew on the boat died and the gymastic part in that fucking maintenance shed... Hammond explisitly explains WHY there are dinos at Isla Sorna. That it is where they breed them... Yes they could breed them on Nublar aswell, but it was most for show. It was afterall a tiny room with maybe 3-4 incubators max. On Sorna they had huge facilitys dedicated to breeding/engineering dinosaurs so this *Everything Wrong The Lost World: Jurassic Park* is spreading false info about the movie.

  • Alianos
    Alianos Il y a 54 minutes

    Ngl this was my favourite movie as a kid so this hurts

  • Farell Hartono
    Farell Hartono Il y a 56 minutes

    Should've sinned Alice for looking like a weed consumer,just look at her eyes..... it's totally a weed user sin

  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp Il y a 56 minutes

    The sight of Kristanna Loken nude removes SO MANY sins... ;-P

  • russian ball
    russian ball Il y a 57 minutes

    6:10 what could that possibly mean? also this goes on for some time 6:43 what could that possibly mean?

  • 8 Ball856
    8 Ball856 Il y a 57 minutes


  • Igor Schmidlapp
    Igor Schmidlapp Il y a 58 minutes

    And "Dark Fate" renders the WHOLE FRANCHISE moot.

  • Rossm3838
    Rossm3838 Il y a heure

    The 1967 Dr. Dolittle, the one with rex harrison, is also awful and well worthy of cinema sins.

  • Dani Stillig
    Dani Stillig Il y a heure

    I always thought that Goku should have physics of a massive bodybuilder

  • Water Sheep II
    Water Sheep II Il y a heure


  • Nick Noguera
    Nick Noguera Il y a heure

    Do a speed racer movie sins

  • Nick Noguera
    Nick Noguera Il y a heure

    Do a speed racer movie sins

  • Natsu Meishoi
    Natsu Meishoi Il y a heure

    The rat fighting is common. On the trash can less likely.

  • Fraser Green
    Fraser Green Il y a heure

    "Normie who doesn't know anything about Judge Dredd tries to talk about Judge Dredd." Fuck off back to sportsball, normie.

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith Il y a heure

    So, what have we learned today? The movies are great but the books are better.

  • Muhammad DzakyRomadiansyah

    nitpicking as always

  • Nini Zeldav
    Nini Zeldav Il y a heure

    That guy speaks way too fast

  • 10GaugeManiac
    10GaugeManiac Il y a heure


  • supersmashbro596
    supersmashbro596 Il y a heure

    ironically, this is far, far closer to the original book than willy wonka and the chocolate factory. in fact, rold dahl HATED that movie so much, that he forbade any further adaptations of his work until he died. the oompa-loompas DID sing the songs like this movie, and not the other film.

  • Hellmut Hinz
    Hellmut Hinz Il y a heure

    The town was founded in 1858. In 1958 for the 100 years party the gateway was build. As simple as that.

  • bread buckaroo
    bread buckaroo Il y a heure

    😒✋🏼👸wow i actually found these garbage emojis

  • Susse Mii
    Susse Mii Il y a heure

    *am I the only person who watched Flushed Away as a kid and genuinely liked it?*

  • Skelly YT
    Skelly YT Il y a heure

    everything wrong with John Wick is... Hes tooooo fucking OP

  • willie G
    willie G Il y a heure

    And he is in the restroom stall with the guy the hole time wtf

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith Il y a heure

    I didn't even know this was a movie! But now I'm never watching it. I can already tell the book was way better.

  • Arielle Fears
    Arielle Fears Il y a heure

    ive never heard a faster talker on youtube... other than trisha paytas lmao

  • willie G
    willie G Il y a heure

    This movie is funny af I try hard not think to hard about it's concept it's to damn funny

  • Francis Balfour
    Francis Balfour Il y a heure

    They need to understand design of what theyre transforming into or they wont operate, either physically scanning like bumblebee did in first film or seeing the design (i think star scream did this for the jet)

  • DrakeDracoDragon89
    DrakeDracoDragon89 Il y a heure

    All those demons that came from hell would have added some pretty cool fight scenes but they did absolutely nothing with them. Wasted oppurtunity indeed.

  • Philip basler
    Philip basler Il y a heure

    only thing to do with a airplane to lift up from the ground is: goo forward and pull your nose up... make sure you have speed... to land the plane is a bid more complicated

  • 98Beege
    98Beege Il y a heure

    Mumble and the Amigos: "Well, we did it guys. Climate change is no more"

  • Martynas Stropa
    Martynas Stropa Il y a heure

    8:54 it's in Russian

  • Wal123New
    Wal123New Il y a heure

    Please do "Kate and Leopold". Stewart's phone taken away, not allowed to leave hospital and nurse injects him with some kind of liquid at a whim 😊

  • Sir Wolfy
    Sir Wolfy Il y a heure

    2:53: I go cleaning mode when nervous/frustrated, you're being very harsh there, also, she is a mother of countless kids, she may be in a very stresfull situation right now

  • snake gaming
    snake gaming Il y a heure

    16 years he kissed here on her 16th bday spining wheel because she noticed one close by

  • Peter Rebic
    Peter Rebic Il y a heure

    this show about everything wrong etc is stupid

  • filipus vlogames
    filipus vlogames Il y a heure

    12:51 its actually a polish plane, the polish air force emblem is on its side

  • Baby Bennett-Hays
    Baby Bennett-Hays Il y a heure

    8:57, Her Name Is Sarah.

  • animation nation
    animation nation Il y a heure

    Actually all the Jedi that were killed had back story in the clone wars and the adventures between obi and anikin are in the clone wars

  • Michael Champagne
    Michael Champagne Il y a heure

    Also this movie is 75 percent flashbacks.

  • Fun. dip
    Fun. dip Il y a heure

    Why do you sound like that

  • RUTHLESSFD1234 Wow
    RUTHLESSFD1234 Wow Il y a heure

    Their voices are deeper, is it just me?

  • Soviet Boi Welcome to Mother Russia!

    Should have added 69 for all of those bunny-sex jokes, and also, add a sin for when he said he stole 2000 “onions” in one bag. Logic. Add me at CinemaSins

  • DrNazoo1983
    DrNazoo1983 Il y a heure

    I expected the Sin Counter to go absolutely _bananas_ at 1:55...

  • 10GaugeManiac
    10GaugeManiac Il y a heure

    Tanya Harding was too literal in her interpretation of "Take a knee"

  • Ricwolf Bane
    Ricwolf Bane Il y a heure

    This is the only way I'll view trash films.

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell Il y a heure

    If you say Beatle Wang three times he will appear and have sex will a lot of hot young females. Bay watched a wreck happen yet again in the same place and the same situation going on.

  • Ricwolf Bane
    Ricwolf Bane Il y a heure

    I can't stand Eddie Murphy

  • Edd Herring
    Edd Herring Il y a heure

    Tia Leoni, if you’ve ever wondered what Tom Cruise looks like in drag!

  • Yuri Shevrovski
    Yuri Shevrovski Il y a heure

    How did u know that ww3 will start in 2020?

  • 10GaugeManiac
    10GaugeManiac Il y a heure

    Allegra is an allergy medicine, so there may have been a sin in there somewhere. Also there's a reason why "In Vino Veritas" is a saying.

  • Arne Dopudja
    Arne Dopudja Il y a heure

    Everytime I hear Lost i think to myself for a second "That show was cool, i should give it another go."... but thats only for a second because it is so absolutely shitty and drawn out I'd rather slam my dick into a door for 6 seasons.

  • 4321 Platypus
    4321 Platypus Il y a heure

    For the bonus round you should’ve just put Russel Crowe on screen and added a million

  • Thomas Baron
    Thomas Baron Il y a heure

    14:53 *sentence* My cat's head shot up and he just stared at the television 😂

  • Jeru Ezekiel Daquita
    Jeru Ezekiel Daquita Il y a 2 heures

    The story behind Jim's Wake up call the ship woke him up because he is the right man for the job but he is just non V.I.P/Crew so he cant fix it in the beginning The crew and him supposed to be woke up both but i think crew's pod malfunctioned so when he wake up theres so many deceases detected so it wasn't an accident he just doesn't know what to do so he lived there for a year and decided to wake someone he just saw but its ok if he doesn't wake Aurora up there will be no movie and he will die alone.

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell Il y a 2 heures

    Gremlibots demon electronics in and parents embarass the son at his school. It deserves a sin along with crash scene moments you know all of them. you know that Devastater had some balls? Megan Fox called Michael Bay a Nazi and he let Fox go.

  • Lee Hong Hui
    Lee Hong Hui Il y a 2 heures

    Suggesting to remove the cropdusters? Weird flex but ok

  • Bob Apjok
    Bob Apjok Il y a 2 heures

    Doesnt she respond with the "im ok" because he left a message with her asking if she was ok?

  • Me And mine
    Me And mine Il y a 2 heures

    The dumbing down of schools and SJW influence is what gives us this crap.. I enjoy fantasy as much as the next person, but thing we will see thousands of star destroyers or Palpatine reborn in star wars....

  • Godis Mytower
    Godis Mytower Il y a 2 heures

    Dude! You just ruined a terrible movie.

  • jim p
    jim p Il y a 2 heures

    Luke was going after some arcturian poon? Interesting Aliens reference in a Star Wars movie

  • TiffanyK424
    TiffanyK424 Il y a 2 heures

    I'm a little mad you didnt include the dialogue "humans are predictable" "you've obviously never met a woman before" which made me go "oh jesus christ" in the theater

  • Steele Rosputko
    Steele Rosputko Il y a 2 heures

    Did he miss the ad when they came close to the entrance saying "sassy house wifes"

  • Jessica Ashland
    Jessica Ashland Il y a 2 heures

    When I bump into someone with force, I scream "WATCH IT, JACKASS" or "MOVE IT MOTHERFUCKER" Yeah, that's what I say

  • Dog Hussy
    Dog Hussy Il y a 2 heures


  • Allan Zhao
    Allan Zhao Il y a 2 heures

    Book: Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire? CALMLY ASKED Movie: HARRYDIDYOUPUTYOURNAMEINTHEGOBLETOFFIRE

  • Ferfa0407
    Ferfa0407 Il y a 2 heures

    the REAL SIN is the fact that he didn't press the number for VESPER at the start of the game

  • Let's Explore
    Let's Explore Il y a 2 heures

    Why why why

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell Il y a 2 heures

    throw in extra sin for parents acting like Jackasses arguing fighting and a few slaps up side the head instead of caring about Charlie and her brother. and I want to point out that Bumble Bee is not a Christmas Movie.

  • Yik Jay Lim
    Yik Jay Lim Il y a 2 heures

    Everything wrong with DB Evolution The title says it all

  • Trickbot 7000
    Trickbot 7000 Il y a 2 heures

    animals have found ways to end it and a few of those ways have involved great heights. So the tiger scene is somewhat plausible, not that it needed to be. But animals have feelings and mammals especially are capable of complex emotions

  • RedTLGD
    RedTLGD Il y a 2 heures

    a crosair diving without any bomb is dumb and their ment to be fighter not dive bomber

  • Little_ Wabbit
    Little_ Wabbit Il y a 2 heures

    Why did they release this

  • Hengcredible
    Hengcredible Il y a 2 heures

    colonel willie sharp didnt get hit in the head. Bruce knocked the gun out his hand with the giant spanner