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  • Mikal Dmon
    Mikal Dmon Il y a 44 secondes

    Your point 100 suggested a horcrux on only objects but the snake was a horcrux as well, so I guess it doesn't

  • Johnny Jeffries
    Johnny Jeffries Il y a minute

    Stan Lee dying, the battle is won!

  • Time less
    Time less Il y a minute

    10:25 that was funny! It does nothing! Haha

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu Il y a 2 minutes

    Puss and boots clearly fell into a depression after his Netflix show ended

  • Clash Playa
    Clash Playa Il y a 3 minutes

    The kamino dart was a fluke, they originally planned on taking the clones to the senate after they voted for an army of the republic. None of it had to happen

  • James Lober
    James Lober Il y a 6 minutes

    Buzz tube is basically TikTok lmao

  • Gachalife ._.anthony
    Gachalife ._.anthony Il y a 6 minutes

    14:58 and that’s who Carrie ended

  • Taylor Barnett
    Taylor Barnett Il y a 8 minutes

    Jenny is the most abusive type of codependent person. And Forrest is arguably mentally disabled so really it’s not possible for him to have consensual sex with her

  • Nelson Rossiter
    Nelson Rossiter Il y a 8 minutes

    Do Godzilla king of the monsters

  • David
    David Il y a 11 minutes

    there is nothing wrong with this movie.... at all...and you sound like Christoper Reeve on speed

  • Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor Il y a 11 minutes

    Never read the book, and don't plan to. But I came across the movie while scrolling through channels on TV. All I know is that the Indies sucked

  • Paul Moody
    Paul Moody Il y a 13 minutes

    Well, if you're so good, maybe you should have made the movie dickhead.

  • Wild Snake Discovery
    Wild Snake Discovery Il y a 14 minutes

    the like to dislike is just a decimal away

  • NPC 33331
    NPC 33331 Il y a 15 minutes

    Juicy Smollett is in this 😂😂😂

  • Jeannette Mcclelland
    Jeannette Mcclelland Il y a 16 minutes

    This movie was great

  • T Wilson
    T Wilson Il y a 16 minutes

    Baha bashen van city for our attitude. Yeah we smashed our own city after a hockey game but it wasn't our fault . We just joined in .....

  • Billy Blu :3
    Billy Blu :3 Il y a 17 minutes

    No. This movies perfect. Fight me

  • John Ashley
    John Ashley Il y a 17 minutes

    This is still my favorite Robin Hood movie.

  • _Cinimod_
    _Cinimod_ Il y a 18 minutes

    I was expecting people to dislike this more because... ya kno.... shrek?

  • Peter The People Eater
    Peter The People Eater Il y a 18 minutes

    5:24 Thanks for THAT mental imagery.

  • awsomekiller267904 is my roblox user


  • Spammy Redraws
    Spammy Redraws Il y a 23 minutes

    Ha im watching child's play while watching this nwn

  • Luis M
    Luis M Il y a 24 minutes

    The cleaning the bathroom scene deserves a sin to be taken off for the sole fact that The Cure was in it, fucking love The Cure 😏

  • skTing
    skTing Il y a 25 minutes

    Bro there is nothing wrong with it. It’s shrek.

  • Legasov
    Legasov Il y a 27 minutes

    He's talking about the odds of landing close and completely ignores the fact 3 of them were let off in capsules very close together very close to the surface, making the odds pretty high of being close together if they just plummeted

  • katsy kat
    katsy kat Il y a 28 minutes

    Where did you get the extra scences?

  • pennywise 982
    pennywise 982 Il y a 30 minutes


  • BigDaddyShaq 69
    BigDaddyShaq 69 Il y a 30 minutes

    Fuck you

  • Samuel Moore
    Samuel Moore Il y a 31 minute

    Why is there no sins

  • tom finn
    tom finn Il y a 31 minute

    Nothing, absolutely nothing. Leave my childhood alone

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez Il y a 36 minutes

    This whole movie is a disgrace. They should just stop with the sequels. Seriously.

  • Hunter Schultz
    Hunter Schultz Il y a 36 minutes

    You missef that movie sign 3 for a buck

  • Undead Crusader
    Undead Crusader Il y a 36 minutes

    4:11 you've obviously never played skyrim.

  • Radek Rydzewski
    Radek Rydzewski Il y a 38 minutes

    How come , if O hare is a zillionare, he only has one suit?

  • John M
    John M Il y a 39 minutes mean Cadbury, England, don't you?

  • rich brooks
    rich brooks Il y a 39 minutes

    CinemaSins is a twat and really needs a proper job.

  • Christiana Kritikos
    Christiana Kritikos Il y a 41 minute

    Bold of you to assume that there is anything wrong with this masterpiece

  • T Titus
    T Titus Il y a 42 minutes

    6:10 LOL

  • The Black Maamba
    The Black Maamba Il y a 45 minutes

    Yes he'll drive a jeep if it's likely too be destroyed by a crashing building or something My biggest sin is that the movie is called dawn of justice. If you wanted the subtitle to represent the actual movie shouldn't the subtitle be dawn of injustice especially since justice doest dawn until the end of the movie. And how injustice is a mini plot of the movie.

  • Godzilla Fanboy
    Godzilla Fanboy Il y a 45 minutes

    This movie was acutally ok. I liked it

  • icewallocome
    icewallocome Il y a 47 minutes

    Do turbo

  • Frank Sinatra
    Frank Sinatra Il y a 47 minutes

    U can diss forest gump n all that crazy shit but when u diss shrek im leaving disslike........

  • Magic Nathan 65
    Magic Nathan 65 Il y a 49 minutes

    "Listen, finger head" 😐☺😁😂🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  • kyrorayne
    kyrorayne Il y a 51 minute

    #94 @11:03 Long term storage of bullets in magazines causes a higher failure rate of the springs that assist in pushing the bullets into the chamber while firing. It makes perfect sense to do it just prior to the mission. Unlike comment on almost 4 year old youtube video

  • Newt Daily
    Newt Daily Il y a 51 minute

    Redo this please

  • JackTheRippin
    JackTheRippin Il y a 53 minutes

    Where are you getting 1960 over and over again. Its 58' you pleb. Also, how are you gonna sin the kid sex in the book and then sin the movie for keeping in line with the novel and sin things that are literally explained plainly with dialogue? Love the show and this episode, just saying. Also also, who saw this first on 2 sided dvd and didnt know there was a part 2 for far too long to not be considered retarded?

  • factinator33
    factinator33 Il y a 55 minutes

    The biggest thing to me wrong with this movie was everybody's walking around like the ship like it has gravity.

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient Il y a 57 minutes

    Poor, Kevin Hart can't do these movies anymore. With his back torn-out he'll have to settle for stand-up. ( if that.)

  • Jin Ziwei
    Jin Ziwei Il y a 58 minutes

    Yeah, a channel built on nit-picking other people's hard work really shoud get more flames.

  • Rainbow Robot
    Rainbow Robot Il y a 59 minutes

    ok, buddy, you have officially have taken it too far

  • Kitty mcPurr
    Kitty mcPurr Il y a heure

    Am I the only one who found it funny..the salty parabolas line killed me..

  • Mike W
    Mike W Il y a heure

    With Avengers Endgame, a bit more about the Ancient One's knowledge, fills in the blank....should be 5 less sins, and not in the Rouge One clearing up plothole way, but I think legitimately explaining something that doesn't become apparent till later.

  • 7razman
    7razman Il y a heure

    Dude How did you miss the ramp jump at the end....

  • SuburbanBench
    SuburbanBench Il y a heure

    well, trump is elected so this doesn’t seem very far fletched

  • Some FANBOI!!!
    Some FANBOI!!! Il y a heure

    Tbh the first two shred movies are true masterpieces the third one is total ass but the fourth I guess was alright Hey don’t hate me for liking the the fourth

  • jbrisby
    jbrisby Il y a heure

    Cellphone video editing apps are awesome in the future.

  • Brentenjs550
    Brentenjs550 Il y a heure

    How about a sin because the animators felt the need to give the cat a butthole?

  • LightningBoltForever
    LightningBoltForever Il y a heure

    Coming back here after seeing Chapter 2 and now waiting for Chapter 2’s sins even though it’s still only in theaters lol

  • Universal Chode
    Universal Chode Il y a heure

    Did you just sin John Hancock?

  • Cal
    Cal Il y a heure

    So many of the sins are also diversions from the book it’s based on: Q&A

  • Toby Shore
    Toby Shore Il y a heure

    He needs at least 29,000 in my estimate

  • Candy Valencia
    Candy Valencia Il y a heure


  • David Soul of Bravery
    David Soul of Bravery Il y a heure

    hey ifound a 6 or 5 min video u need to know about.. its called the last knit its a lady who is obsessed with knitting so check it out!

  • Dan Shotz
    Dan Shotz Il y a heure

    I am the lorax, I speak for the trees, if you talk shit about this movie, I'll break your fucking knees

  • AvangionQ
    AvangionQ Il y a heure

    17:45 GET OVER HERE 🦂

  • -[ghostcookie anims]-
    -[ghostcookie anims]- Il y a heure

    How. The. Fuck. Dare. You

  • Dustin Shadle
    Dustin Shadle Il y a heure

    Apples are for assholes, applebees is for?

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson Il y a heure

    what if Disney indy is much worse

  • Kartez Brown
    Kartez Brown Il y a heure

    0:36 The odd1sout would like to have 2 words with you 1: because of he like this movie 2: he already points this out

  • Beren OfNumenor
    Beren OfNumenor Il y a heure

    Thier realitionship survives this

  • baggrat
    baggrat Il y a heure

    With the relative scarcity of humans and long space voyages its for sure these two got loose with all manner of aliens. Fun to guess which ones. Planet of 1000 alien orgies would have been a better movie....

  • Ella Dailey
    Ella Dailey Il y a heure

    4:37 The Dark Crystal. Good times. 😌

  • Helleborne
    Helleborne Il y a heure

    I thought 2 was bad, for hell's sake, they should have just left it with the first one and called it a day.

  • Brentenjs550
    Brentenjs550 Il y a heure

    What happened to his video on Smurfs 2?

  • The Final Boss
    The Final Boss Il y a heure

    the movie theater i saw the shrek movies in closed down so when the next one comes out ill stream it in the parking lot.

  • AvangionQ
    AvangionQ Il y a heure

    11:03 Can't stop laughing ... 😹

  • The guy who went up to youtube

    Put the slowmo to 0,75, thats not annoying

  • Jordan Samuel
    Jordan Samuel Il y a heure

    I’d love to see Cinemasins marathon the remaining movies in a week

  • Zenic1
    Zenic1 Il y a heure

    they show missiles are stored in the wrist part when in humanoid form a couple scenes later some people brush their teeth before eating(morning taste) your sins are sinful...SKIP

  • prodigal
    prodigal Il y a heure

    16 mins of life is ass

  • Henry Haile
    Henry Haile Il y a heure

    About the sons to carry on their name part, while the captain's son didn't have a son, he had brothers so when they died, their bloodline would be strong, so when he says sons, he really just means male brethren to carry on the bloodline.

  • Lincent Yang
    Lincent Yang Il y a heure

    CinemaSins : Kid has bigger room than him.............. SIN!!!!!!

    SUGAR CUM BLAST Il y a heure

    11:58 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Draknfyre
    Draknfyre Il y a heure

    There's a hidden Easter Egg on the DVD where the director reveals what was in that package he saved to deliver: A waterproof, solar-powered satellite phone. Not even joking.

  • Oto
    Oto Il y a heure

    Proffesor didn't faint he was put to sleep watch closely.

  • lowcountry Woods
    lowcountry Woods Il y a heure

    His body would have regenerated. when Barry became the flash he had a small healing factor

    SUGAR CUM BLAST Il y a heure


    SUGAR CUM BLAST Il y a heure

    5:12 no u can power just about snything with any battery Is a tjing u do in jail to charge up phones...

  • Wirf ein warmes Licht, auf mein Ungesicht

    Ok queen takes bishop is pure, unadulterated genius!

  • Pengy 05
    Pengy 05 Il y a heure


    MONSTER CAT Il y a heure


  • Slightly Irish
    Slightly Irish Il y a heure

    "Blink and ill be a teenager" and the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon

  • codenameGARRY
    codenameGARRY Il y a heure

    Asses of Tarantino's fans burn ))

  • joe Johnson
    joe Johnson Il y a heure

    Also Galen erso could have got a sniper rifle and shot the three as they walk towards the farm

    SUGAR CUM BLAST Il y a heure

    U supporting a 16yr old whore who was whoring a long time ago and u gave her admin power at her age of 14 and she closed down enuf comment sections from lejit channels cus she csnt control her jealousy or act right The fuck Cant wait to slap the shit out of her Who the fcuk she think she is Fucj dis hoe

    SUGAR CUM BLAST Il y a heure

    1:02 waaaw u get a point for mentioning stan winston

  • john doe
    john doe Il y a heure

    There are some actually sins but most of your “sins” are weak. The two guys that wanted to arrest her worked for the government so did you even think maybe he was tracking them or looking in that area for guys that worked for the government.

  • Lakota Coberly
    Lakota Coberly Il y a heure

    Gandalf isn’t actually allowed to use his magic for purposes directly benefiting the mortal races. He’s only allowed to use magic against other magic creatures such as the Balrog.

  • Solid Pudding
    Solid Pudding Il y a heure

    ur annoying

  • Darlene Vile
    Darlene Vile Il y a heure

    My very first date, the boy's mom drove us to the theater to see this movie. We were too young to appreciate a bad movie and the date was ruined.