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The Gift | Teaser | Netflix
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What Is Neo-Noir? | Netflix
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  • Harry Lee
    Harry Lee Il y a 24 minutes

    Next have Henry Cavill listen to Geralt's videogame VA reading the Witcher

  • Camila Pérez Rojo
    Camila Pérez Rojo Il y a 24 minutes

    4:20 wooooo 420 ksjfkdjd they know

  • Сомов Владимир
    Сомов Владимир Il y a 24 minutes

    Русский здесь 🤡🤡🤡

  • Simon a.
    Simon a. Il y a 24 minutes

    I feel gay

    ROMENED Il y a 24 minutes

    Набейте лайков, чтобы Англичане подумали что я написал годный комент🔥

  • Athira Raj
    Athira Raj Il y a 24 minutes

    Henry Cavil is a dedicated actor. I'm in awe of him. I wish I had a time machine to go to December 20th to watch the series; I just can't wait!.

  • Faiyaz Alam
    Faiyaz Alam Il y a 25 minutes

    I wanna see him play witcher 3 because he played it before reading the books.

  • Jeron Cradle
    Jeron Cradle Il y a 25 minutes

    Sorry Cavill, but now you're gonna have to do the entire book series. This is a amazing!

  • Rey Cruz
    Rey Cruz Il y a 25 minutes

    I’m so ready for this

  • jdog340
    jdog340 Il y a 25 minutes

    if he doesn't ask someone to play gwent I'm dropping this series

  • emily bonilla
    emily bonilla Il y a 25 minutes

    They were so into it when it came to the dress lmao

  • el1teman
    el1teman Il y a 25 minutes

    Pause at 1:15 and have a good day!

  • WanderfalkeAT
    WanderfalkeAT Il y a 25 minutes

    Henry, you are doing great Favours for us Witcher Fans! I read all the Books too, but this honestly tops Wil Wheaton reading "Ready Player One" for Audible! This would be fantastic! I guess it would depend on the Money, eh? Really love your Commitment! And I cannot wait to sign up on Netflix on 20th! And Netflix, I am doing that just because of Henry as Geralt! And oh yes: Netflix you ROCK!

  • IrgendwieCharmant
    IrgendwieCharmant Il y a 25 minutes

    This sounds so wrong. That's not Yennefer's arc at all.

  • alex pagan rivera
    alex pagan rivera Il y a 25 minutes

    i dont like the nilfgaardian armor. looks like ballsacks. and i did not see any gold in their armor lol

  • Abana nado
    Abana nado Il y a 26 minutes

    00:42 OK, now we know that the battle scenes are really, really bad, let's hope the fight scenes and the rest are better

  • Miguel GFK
    Miguel GFK Il y a 26 minutes

    React to the videogame please

  • Vivek Gangadharan
    Vivek Gangadharan Il y a 26 minutes

    അയ്യേ 😪

  • Gabriela Bianchi
    Gabriela Bianchi Il y a 26 minutes

    Netflix, you should do this for ads to your shows

  • supershinigami1
    supershinigami1 Il y a 26 minutes

    That's what I'm saying. Read the books people.

  • doruk Çakımcı
    doruk Çakımcı Il y a 26 minutes

    Oooooh there will be Cahir.nice

  • Brian Geisler
    Brian Geisler Il y a 26 minutes

    Can I get an entire Witcher audiobook read by him?

  • Ivan Chistyakov
    Ivan Chistyakov Il y a 26 minutes

    Am I stoked or why in the hell Ciri is present at the ceremony with her mom, when Ciri hasn’t been born yet?

  • Matej Tomko
    Matej Tomko Il y a 26 minutes

    Might not be as shitty as i tought.

  • AmeriKen Optics AmeriKen Optics

    Netflix gets alot wrong, not this they got right

  • J-800 Model HaHaHa
    J-800 Model HaHaHa Il y a 26 minutes

    Dude needs to be Bond after Craig, he's got the Bond vibe down... don't believe me? Just watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

  • Michael Luzetsky
    Michael Luzetsky Il y a 26 minutes

    okay great but....he didnt even touch his drink! atleast one sip!! come on!!! alcohol abuse!! if your gonna open and pour ya better drink.. and i mean not off camera. p.s. im looking forward to the show!!! Super Stoked!!!

  • Admire Kashiri
    Admire Kashiri Il y a 27 minutes

    Nilfgaardians need a distinct accent to the Nordling. The one they shown sounds just like the people of the north from.the looks of it.

  • Abby Erickson
    Abby Erickson Il y a 27 minutes

    "Don't touch Roach"

  • Michael Charron
    Michael Charron Il y a 27 minutes

    Really not a fan of Yennefer's casting :( Looks great nonetheless

  • Brandon 2SS
    Brandon 2SS Il y a 27 minutes

    Can he grow a beard?

  • ShayoX
    ShayoX Il y a 27 minutes


  • Benedict Badminton
    Benedict Badminton Il y a 27 minutes

    thanks for all the trailers netflix . now i dont hve to watch the show since ive seen everythinf already

  • Snow Fall
    Snow Fall Il y a 27 minutes

    0:37-0:38 I felt winterfell graveyard vibe here🔥

  • Kennedy Carpenter
    Kennedy Carpenter Il y a 27 minutes

    Henry deserves this, he is as much as a fan of the Witcher series as all of us.

  • Савичев Андрей
    Савичев Андрей Il y a 27 minutes

    Костюмер. Моё почтение.

  • Black Slayer
    Black Slayer Il y a 27 minutes

    Now we want Henry Cavill plays Gwent

  • gcad
    gcad Il y a 27 minutes

    Any chance these versions of the Witcher Books will be available with that cover? It's gorgeous!

  • Jack Q
    Jack Q Il y a 27 minutes

    So... This is what heterosexuality leaving my body feels like... Not bad...

  • Гюнтер О'Дим
    Гюнтер О'Дим Il y a 27 minutes


  • ashitha minnus
    ashitha minnus Il y a 27 minutes

    Kartta waiting

  • Joe Yaknow
    Joe Yaknow Il y a 27 minutes

    Why am I getting a 50 shades of grey vibe from this...

  • Poly b
    Poly b Il y a 27 minutes

    When its coming on Netflix anyone knows?

  • charizze mae inot
    charizze mae inot Il y a 27 minutes

    its actually a really good movie.. and also, the trailer did not give everything.. love their chemistry

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar Il y a 27 minutes

    I've been a straigh guy for 25 years... Now, I'm not so sure.

  • Dylan Sunkel
    Dylan Sunkel Il y a 27 minutes

    I'm buying this book now. And damn, I want Henry on Audible reading the whole thing.

  • Rudest Hazard
    Rudest Hazard Il y a 27 minutes

    Looks pretty good, despite some of the needlessly garish casting choices.

  • Anant Bisht
    Anant Bisht Il y a 27 minutes

    His seating arrangement reminds me of witcher 3 DLC blood and wine main cover.

  • Nguyên Trương
    Nguyên Trương Il y a 28 minutes

    oke, 50 dollars for every Audiobook version

  • Nina Vološinová
    Nina Vološinová Il y a 28 minutes

    Finally some Jaskier

  • Sherry Thomas
    Sherry Thomas Il y a 28 minutes

    I love his dry sense of humor. And my ovaries just exploded.

  • Mayra Nolazco
    Mayra Nolazco Il y a 28 minutes

    Kylo Ren , just perfect ❤️🙌

  • Marizanne Pretorius
    Marizanne Pretorius Il y a 28 minutes

    More please 🤩🤩😝😝

  • Liz Ll
    Liz Ll Il y a 28 minutes

    This man is gorgeous

  • sebchalamet
    sebchalamet Il y a 28 minutes

    i know he's reading but his voice made me horny af yes daddy yes please read audiobooks

  • Viraj
    Viraj Il y a 28 minutes

    Wrong! You're Clark Kent!

  • Dilpreet sokhi
    Dilpreet sokhi Il y a 28 minutes

    2011:i saw white walkers 2019:i saw an army

  • wojtas12w
    wojtas12w Il y a 28 minutes

    This armors WTF! Black and gold... but without steel.

  • Ryan O'Donnell
    Ryan O'Donnell Il y a 28 minutes

    Now Henry Cavil sings the songs of Witcher 3

  • valalongtooth1
    valalongtooth1 Il y a 28 minutes


  • M.Mustafa Yurdakul
    M.Mustafa Yurdakul Il y a 28 minutes

    what an ugly Yennefer :(

  • Ryan Beach
    Ryan Beach Il y a 28 minutes


  • Pavel Mareshchenkov
    Pavel Mareshchenkov Il y a 28 minutes

    Terrible cast for Yennefer

  • Agita
    Agita Il y a 28 minutes

    Waiting for Full audiobook :D

  • Gorilla Gamer
    Gorilla Gamer Il y a 28 minutes

    "What do you want?" Yennefer: "Everything." Petyr baelish: That's my girl!

  • bruh
    bruh Il y a 28 minutes

    No cat eyes though?

  • Kaeble
    Kaeble Il y a 29 minutes

    Yea boi!!!.... looks so dam good.... Henry is a fan and will do a great job, i havent had this much faith in a project since cyberpunk 2077

  • Maulana Fariz
    Maulana Fariz Il y a 29 minutes

    Jonathan Pryce played Pope Francis and "Don Quixote" in the same year. That says something about him.

  • Misbah Manzoor Khaskheli
    Misbah Manzoor Khaskheli Il y a 29 minutes

    Why so gorgeous ?

  • Ajwadd Anwarr
    Ajwadd Anwarr Il y a 29 minutes

    Enough foreplay please release the series already!!

  • Negoita Madalin
    Negoita Madalin Il y a 29 minutes

    hope they follow the books even loosely bec i want to see Regis at some point season 2 or maybe 3 :D

  • C Brutuck
    C Brutuck Il y a 29 minutes

    Looks like rain.

  • Alain Gold
    Alain Gold Il y a 29 minutes


  • Alex Carlisle
    Alex Carlisle Il y a 29 minutes

    Tell me the 2000 people who do not like, it's just because of the armor of the Nilfgaard, the casting of Yennefer? Or you are just haters without reason ?

  • The505Guys
    The505Guys Il y a 29 minutes

    That Nilfgaardian armour is horrendous, as are the swords. It also doesn't make sense since Nilfgaard is meant to be an extremely rich and powerful empire; as if they would equip their soldiers with such ridiculous armour. It's a shame because the whole point of the Witcher is that the world is full of shades of grey, yet they have equipped Nilfgaard's army as if they're marching out from Mordor...

  • Sami Sheikh Ibrahim
    Sami Sheikh Ibrahim Il y a 30 minutes

    Around of gewnt? God I want to hear it from Henry 😂

  • Viktor Olah
    Viktor Olah Il y a 30 minutes

    So I know it is just a trailer but that battle scene is just awful. The whole army of Cintra sitting on horseback and waiting for the foot soldiers of Nilfgaard to get there... Charge against those ball sacks for the love of god... Also the armor in both end is just a joke at this point. It is a cheap chinese plastic cosplay against the ballsack.

  • TheLloydA1
    TheLloydA1 Il y a 30 minutes

    that Nilfgaardian Armour is horrendous.

  • Anathielar
    Anathielar Il y a 30 minutes

    wait...the scrotum armor is real? I thought it was a hoax!

  • YouCanCallMeReTro
    YouCanCallMeReTro Il y a 30 minutes

    Henry Cavill and the cinematography team might single handedly carry this series

  • Nethercore
    Nethercore Il y a 30 minutes

    He would be amazing as a D&D master for reading the book as you play. Great voice!

  • NightOdin
    NightOdin Il y a 30 minutes

    this audiobook sound hotter than 50shades

  • Keith Lard
    Keith Lard Il y a 30 minutes

    Battle of the bastards size fight in the first season, could this be the gold to make us forget that absolute shambles that ended this year.

  • Goddess Vibes
    Goddess Vibes Il y a 30 minutes

    Rupaul is the Beyoncé of drag. Lost souls told this man he wouldn’t be shit when he lived in his truth and look at his now. A thriving show with millions of supporters and more! Proud of Him. 🙏🏼 at the end of the day life is about love. We all sin. judgmental people hide theirs which is weak. if they aren’t speaking Love, don’t listen to them because those who truly understand God and life don’t speak hate/judgment on others and that’s just real. Happy to see a lot of comments are supportive. Big fan of Rupaul. Love what he’s done.

  • prettynina1000
    prettynina1000 Il y a 30 minutes

    Now let us watch Henry playing witcher 3.

  • Rory
    Rory Il y a 31 minute

    Wait this is already better than GoT season 8

  • Manimal Jack
    Manimal Jack Il y a 31 minute

    I didn’t know Superman was a fan of the Witcher. Hmph! Small world. 😉

  • Жанна Лайф
    Жанна Лайф Il y a 31 minute

    Ребята, перейдите на канал, я начинающий блогер! Поддержите подпиской ❤️. На круглую цифру подписчиков будет крутой конкурс❤️

  • chud
    chud Il y a 31 minute

    Netflix originals: the McDonald's of TV & film.

  • Steppen Wolf
    Steppen Wolf Il y a 31 minute

    Casting the actors is terrible, as if they were being dealt with by a person who does his work for the first time in his life. I still do not understand how this could be allowed and approved. Worst casting for Jennifer. Nilfgaard's armor, also disgusting, was a stupid mistake to make her so ugly. Nevertheless, this is the film The Witcher, and it is very difficult to completely ruin it. In addition, the picture is good, it's nice to watch. I hope the series will turn out to be good because of the story itself, a pleasant visual style and the dedicated work of actors who love this story, as well as fans. And black dryads are all nonsense. Girls in the forest, where there is no light with pale skin, they are black .. where is the logic. It would be much more appropriate if they were made to look like the Batman Poison Ivy character. In addition, in Slavic mythology there could not be dark-skinned characters, if only they were not sailing foreign merchants, immigrants of the Arab world. (And I don’t need to start rubbing idiotic tolerance, racism and other nonsense of idiots now, because normal people treat other people normally, despite their skin color, religion and outlook on the world. For me, all people are the same in everything, they differ it’s only their actions that characterize them.We should judge people by their talent, and not cast them into roles only because everyone should be of different colors - this is crazy nonsense. When there are no whites in black comedies, this is also racism, if you didn’t know However, I never came to head to complain about it, because the guys who made the film conceived this way and so be it, the main thing is that the film turned out to be excellent.) People should remain human beings and be kind to each other and not bring everything to an uproar when we start in all aspects of our life appoint people to important places not for their professionalism, but for the fact that they are of the “correct” color and orientation.

  • FL Fate
    FL Fate Il y a 31 minute

    Bohot haaaaaaaaaard

  • DG
    DG Il y a 31 minute

    Funny.. i'm reading it now.. at pg. 146. I'm new to the witcher anything. p.s. u look sexy as H

  • Erik Throndson
    Erik Throndson Il y a 31 minute

    Perfectly read. So excited to see the show

  • mansi rautela
    mansi rautela Il y a 31 minute

    Now I can go to sleep, pretending that Henry is reading to me before bed in his aphrodisiac voice.

  • Suz
    Suz Il y a 31 minute

    Geeez. He just might displace James Marsters as the best narrator of all time. Maybe. Now I have to see if there are any audiobooks that Henry has narrated. What a voice!

  • bennett
    bennett Il y a 31 minute

    i'd take him reading the books as a whole Netflix season instead of whats to come

  • Tasty Escapes
    Tasty Escapes Il y a 31 minute

    I need him to read all the books

  • Jesth Nope
    Jesth Nope Il y a 31 minute

    Wait... that terrible looking armor actually made it to the final cut?

  • BrownTownReviews
    BrownTownReviews Il y a 31 minute

    Make this longer please

  • Chris Cooke
    Chris Cooke Il y a 31 minute

    I'm hope this is the new #1 show