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  • Kizone Kaprow
    Kizone Kaprow Il y a 5 ans

    "U.S. Today" stole your logo and is pretending to be you. Imitation is the sincerest form of theft.

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  • Monty Haynes
    Monty Haynes Il y a 6 ans

    Why I can't find live coverage of U.S elections on internet? Sucks

  • Amy Bernstein
    Amy Bernstein Il y a 6 ans

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  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu Ikimasho Il y a 7 ans

    Typical neocon scum bags who ally themselves with end time cults who love to delete usatoday comments because they do not reflect the norms of a neocon. Neoconservatisim is anti american peroid! Neocon nazi scum bags die!

  • Hunter Pecunia
    Hunter Pecunia Il y a 7 ans

    How are you, USATODAY :)

  • Jerricho68
    Jerricho68 Il y a 7 ans

    Now the shitty newspaper nobody reads is spreading jihad. You are finished. Traitors can't sell newspapers.

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    maksat kertayev Il y a 7 ans

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  • Elton Bezzeg
    Elton Bezzeg Il y a 7 ans

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  • Brandon Loder
    Brandon Loder Il y a 7 ans

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  • il Soave Vino
    il Soave Vino Il y a 7 ans

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  • Ayisha Mathews
    Ayisha Mathews Il y a 7 ans

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  • canuckaholic91
    canuckaholic91 Il y a 8 ans

    Wow. For the sake of this broadcaster's respect. Please get rid of Christine Brennan. The term biased couldn't have been more obvious in her words.

  • Alfonso Gallegos Pelayo

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  • taylorswiftfan0071
    taylorswiftfan0071 Il y a 9 ans

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  • Val Goodman
    Val Goodman Il y a 9 ans

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  • Con
    Con Il y a 9 ans

    USA Yesterday.

  • metagear89
    metagear89 Il y a 9 ans

    USA today is just your typical newspaper rag that is worth less than toilet paper.

  • acelafan123
    acelafan123 Il y a 9 ans

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    HNSCC Il y a 9 ans

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