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  • khal Strikeback
    khal Strikeback Il y a 9 minutes

    shadow rome was superrrrr! god hand brutal but it was so funny i finished it twice!!

  • Casey Hill
    Casey Hill Il y a 9 minutes

    Way to do this like 6 months too late

  • _ ShakenBacon0617_
    _ ShakenBacon0617_ Il y a 9 minutes

    And here I am wasting many hours on Anthem and No Mans Sky. :D

  • A1since Day1
    A1since Day1 Il y a 10 minutes

    Okay not to be biased and not to say anything against anybody ever has played Tom Clancy's anything. I love gameranx as a FRclip channel. But sometimes I think that they don't play the games on the hardest difficulty. If you take a look at the minimap you can clearly see but he's playing either on normal easy or advanced mode. On extreme mode the game becomes stupid hard. I love the guys at gameranx almost always take there opinion to heart or even with a grain of salt. Doesn't matter. I know it's his opinion. But Jake my man. Try the game out on the hardest setting. It's fun my guy.

  • ditistygo
    ditistygo Il y a 10 minutes

    Warmode 2019?? Im question this list

  • 90's Kid
    90's Kid Il y a 10 minutes

    Legion 👌

  • WizardryPenguin
    WizardryPenguin Il y a 13 minutes

    tbh this video was interesting and i liked the background music lol

  • McKenna Hicks
    McKenna Hicks Il y a 16 minutes

    What game is at 2:50 ?

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez Il y a 17 minutes

    8:50 “2007 Teen” 😂

  • Jon-Paul Chartier
    Jon-Paul Chartier Il y a 18 minutes

    Falcon is my favorite! I laughed pretty hard on this one.

  • Odirile Mathibe
    Odirile Mathibe Il y a 20 minutes

    Im over big open world maps, I want smaller maps with more things to do.

  • S00_T0XIC_ Games
    S00_T0XIC_ Games Il y a 21 minute

    You can never release a game and have no bugs or glitches in it. And as they go on they can fix the stuff and I know I’m stating the obvious but these things are there to be improved

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger Il y a 22 minutes

    not your finest video... there's enough complaining in general as it is

  • Jakub Michniewicz
    Jakub Michniewicz Il y a 22 minutes

    Not anymore :)

  • Joel Ferguson
    Joel Ferguson Il y a 24 minutes

    Jumping. Dont madder what game it is, I always have to jump more then needed. I hate it but I must do it. HELP

  • Salim Sadoune
    Salim Sadoune Il y a 24 minutes

    Assassin's creed odyssey has a pretty boring world It's big and beautiful and all But there isn't much interaction. I think Egypt in origins was better.

  • Sir Noobalot
    Sir Noobalot Il y a 24 minutes


  • TechHandle
    TechHandle Il y a 27 minutes

    Are you drunk when recording these?

  • Tim Pop
    Tim Pop Il y a 29 minutes

    Watch dogs 2 is really really fun

  • dudle core
    dudle core Il y a 30 minutes

    i had 1 question in my mind he failed to answer; is it somewhat balanced or does it have like 1 or 2 S+++ tier characters?

  • mighty_morphin_ matt
    mighty_morphin_ matt Il y a 33 minutes

    Yeah I'm definitely guilty of most of the stuff LOL

  • PhtevenJ
    PhtevenJ Il y a 35 minutes

    Raid away.... lmfao

  • nirolf luap utihc
    nirolf luap utihc Il y a 36 minutes

    For the last time... stop giving Minecraft handjobs.

  • The imbodyment of stupidety
    The imbodyment of stupidety Il y a 38 minutes

    I broke my friend's finger with my butt, that sounds worst then it was

  • AwpWilliams
    AwpWilliams Il y a 39 minutes

    Saving, going on a killing spree, then reloading.

  • Cory Ferreira
    Cory Ferreira Il y a 42 minutes

    I have a ps3 and it was AWESOME . Good times goood time

  • Mwy B
    Mwy B Il y a 42 minutes

    For some games, I always check the map to see if I’m on the right path. Other games, I have to check if I have the right equipment or if I was well-equipped for the journey.

  • inwood9391
    inwood9391 Il y a 43 minutes

    When you were describing #5, I literally said "that damn fatman" out loud, then you brought it up 😂 I still have a fatman in fallout 3 and 4 I never fired 😂

  • Fat Fiend
    Fat Fiend Il y a 43 minutes

    One thing I can't resist is if a game let's me be good or bad my first playthrough will always be being the bad guy because I want to see every possible choice and dialogue option then I'll do a good guy playthrough to see the rest of the options. Another thing I will always do is if there is a bond system I will max out bond with every npc if possible like MGS5 I just repeat missions just to max bond with everyone.

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T Il y a 44 minutes

    That's me saving in Dishonored 2 on the hardest difficulty.

  • Sohit xD
    Sohit xD Il y a 45 minutes

    COD is much more Better than Pubg ...xD

  • prannav
    prannav Il y a 47 minutes

    forgeting to heal in apex legends and getting destroyed in a second

  • heatherlikesoctopi
    heatherlikesoctopi Il y a 48 minutes

    Dragon age origins was the apex of bioware development and it's so so sad to see how far they've fallen from genuinely engaging, story-heavy choice rpgs to just producing whatever garbage ea thinks is going to sell despite the fact that literally nobody asked for it

  • Justin Webb
    Justin Webb Il y a 51 minute

    Checking every single container or barrel for loot😂😂

  • FatBikerZombie 8
    FatBikerZombie 8 Il y a 51 minute

    Breaking every chair in the cleansing chapel in dark souls 3 sitting at a bonfire and doing it again.

  • AmandaKay Mazurkiewicz
    AmandaKay Mazurkiewicz Il y a 51 minute

    If this console is backwards compatible, does not include a forced accesory with the purchase (VR or Kinect like junk) then I'll consider buying it. My personal requirements are pretty low right now for them. However always online, streaming games only or a 2nd pass at the attempted & failed DRM BS will lose me for the entire generation. Not a threat just a promise. I never bought an XboxOne because I didn't trust Microsoft to not impliment the DRM stupidity after releasing a load of content & I'd be stuck with their poor choice as my poor choice. So I refused to buy that generation entirely. Sony got my money that go round & I only slightly loath them for it given Sony does not understand how integril backwards compatibility is to my gaming life.

  • 3Dos
    3Dos Il y a 52 minutes

    Video games cause violence* Me driving followed by real life laws in GTA V

  • 3Dos
    3Dos Il y a 55 minutes

    How to end your friendship only with 1 word Noob!

  • ofek536
    ofek536 Il y a 55 minutes

    You seriously talk TOO MUCH

  • AmandaKay Mazurkiewicz
    AmandaKay Mazurkiewicz Il y a 56 minutes

    If the PS5 is not backwards compatible I won't be buying it. Period. I gave them a pass on the PS4 & I'm still salty about it. I've never bought an XboxOne but that's only because I abandoned the entire console generation out of sheer hate for the DRM E3 annoincement they backtracked on. If Sony can't get on board with backwards compatibility given how much money I've given them?- Well then I'm cutting them off.

  • Elio Rose
    Elio Rose Il y a 57 minutes

    In games that have a flashlight but no toggle, so it only turns on when it's supposed to, I always empty clips in dark areas to see if there's a hidden item. I just end up using all my ammo to discover there's nothing there...but sometimes there is! (usually not though)

  • Bri W
    Bri W Il y a 57 minutes

    Gaming OCD?

  • David Lecroy
    David Lecroy Il y a 57 minutes

    Ya definatly havent played sengoku basara , ive always ran away from tadakatsu honda in that game when it was on eiayasus map T-T

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert Il y a 58 minutes

    #3 is so relatable. I love this game but I swear if I go on mayhem 3 all I see is anointed and badasses and it’s so annoying

  • Chris Longo
    Chris Longo Il y a 59 minutes

    We’ve waited long enough for gta 6 it’ll be 9 or ten years since gta 5 when it finally comes out

  • Alcatraz yt
    Alcatraz yt Il y a heure

    Ever tried looking at scp-096's face and then attepmting to win the game? Its hard, but not impossible

  • Maggy [VY]
    Maggy [VY] Il y a heure

    mom walks into room: Maggy if you keep playing games you wont find a boyfriend anytime soon! me: *plugs out headphones* my boyfriend over the phone: does your mom think i don't exist again? mom: *silently leaves the room*

  • Spongebob Squrepants
    Spongebob Squrepants Il y a heure

    This the cod bringing me back 😭

  • Ethan Taylor
    Ethan Taylor Il y a heure

    I do these every time in most my games.

  • Sepehr Raftari
    Sepehr Raftari Il y a heure

    how about Hot Coffee?

  • SCAR- H
    SCAR- H Il y a heure

    In my opinion this is one of those games that tbh are pretty ethier bad or repetitive but it dosent matter because they are actually really fun like MW2 or just cause 2

  • TestaParker
    TestaParker Il y a heure

    Man gaming is dying, all of these games look shallow, empty, and lifeless.

  • Stacie Stanley-Harris
    Stacie Stanley-Harris Il y a heure

    Very good Edit: sorry for bad english

  • Rommel Hamieh
    Rommel Hamieh Il y a heure

    Copying the same game with the same bugs WTF Todd !!!!!!

  • Jackson
    Jackson Il y a heure

    F5 quick save is the way to go

  • AmandaKay Mazurkiewicz

    Biggest controversies for me? Xbox One: The BS DRM. I was a hardcore Xbox gamer, I had TWO red rings & still it was the DRM that lost me. I to this day have not bought a One or given two shirts about the entire brand since. F-them. I'm still mad. Still. Mad. Even offering backwards compatibility to their turd didn't put enough shine on it for me thanks. Mass Effect 3: That games ending made me so mad I wrote an actual letter to Bioware demanding all my money back from them for false advertising that their game offered the player choices that effect an outcome. Yeah! Right! The ending was pick your favorite color. I totaled the hours I had played the game across 3 games, my personal time & my husbands. It was shocking & billed them for what we make in the tech industry for that time. It was over $10k. I also calculated the cost of everything from the physical disk games to the tshirts, hoodies, books (yeah Drew Karpyshyn, best author since Alan Dean Foster!) & the strat guides. It totaled just over $800. I never heard back from them but I assume that letter either got tossed in the trash or posted on a wall somewhere as Crazy Lady had an outraged drunked rant but I sent them it on paper, email & Facebook. I. Am. Still. MAD! I forgot tos cancel my Dragon Age pre-order when that happened but Inquisition turned out to be awesome so there's that. No forgiveness because no Dragon Age sequel ever came out. So that was probably just a complete fluke given the Mass Effect series crawled in a hole & died with the Andromeda release. Never bought it but played someone elses copy who didn't want it for 2 whole hours before tossing it in the trash where it belonged.

  • DC The Eyepoke Champ
    DC The Eyepoke Champ Il y a heure

    Anyone else always read it as "Gamer-Anx" and not "Game Ranks" bc i do and ill never stop seeing it this way lol

  • Draconyx Gaming
    Draconyx Gaming Il y a heure

    Far cry 4 is the epitome of #9

  • mattias tiinast
    mattias tiinast Il y a heure

    so black desert is not free

  • Ragical the Unhallowed Knight

    Rule #1, we shoot barrels and break crates... What are you some kind of heathen?

  • Ionknow
    Ionknow Il y a heure

    For pc* 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • David Grasty
    David Grasty Il y a heure

    Yeah I was a really big noob when I started playing Terraria😂

  • Robert Vrabie
    Robert Vrabie Il y a heure

    Using the worst items in my inventory because the good stuff is too precious/rare, until I get at the end of the game never actually using the good stuff.

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter Il y a heure

    Check to see if Fire does damage or if a game has fall damage

  • Helicopter200
    Helicopter200 Il y a heure

    yeah i hate when i enjoy a game no matter what graphics is and someone coming to me and laugh because its pixel and making fun of me 😡

  • I like to touch chil der ennn

    Am I the only person who thinks he sounds like AlphaGaming

  • Andyw1228
    Andyw1228 Il y a heure

    I enjoyed Beyond two Souls very much. Most people didn't play enough to tell how good the game was. Most people played one or two hours and got bored, but the game develops its pace very slowly but steady and after the first childhood stories it became great in storytelling, mechanix and fun.

  • Macafee
    Macafee Il y a heure

    I can’t believe reloading isn’t in here lol I’ll reload my guns all the time even after just shooting a few bullets.

  • Will pille
    Will pille Il y a heure

    halo 2 and 3 was my go to everyday after school

  • Bionic
    Bionic Il y a heure

    Helping everyone but before that robbing their house in the witcher 3

  • Amir Hafiy
    Amir Hafiy Il y a heure

    And Mobile Game nowadays require an expensive mobile phone to have a good performance...if u have a dream to buy Gaming Phone or some shit I say..keep your money to get PC instead

  • firestorm5432
    firestorm5432 Il y a heure

    I always thought Ellie was Ellen page

  • Michael Kasyjanski
    Michael Kasyjanski Il y a heure

    Damn I feel attacked by the 1st one lol

  • Sknad
    Sknad Il y a heure

    Checking map every sec is something is really important xD

  • Stan Hillard
    Stan Hillard Il y a heure

    Procedural generation is a Godsend. In VFX also.

  • Tushar Bl
    Tushar Bl Il y a heure

    You forgot creeper

  • cristi 029
    cristi 029 Il y a heure

    number 1:blizzard

  • Withersoldier 9
    Withersoldier 9 Il y a heure

    I got the ultimate edition for €4.49 on sale on the xbox store

  • TheEnchilada Kid
    TheEnchilada Kid Il y a heure

    Not even close to How MASSIVE Open Worlds Games are Created

  • gwidao123
    gwidao123 Il y a heure

    5:21 what game is that?

  • Kidrocker Videos
    Kidrocker Videos Il y a heure

    witch one

  • Andrew Bedford
    Andrew Bedford Il y a heure

    your number 5 is my number 1 MSI AB. great video thanks for the content.

  • Generic :3
    Generic :3 Il y a heure

    Zooming in on a stripper and girls underwear in GTA

  • marco deleon
    marco deleon Il y a heure

    Beautifull port, just pure art what cdpr did👏👏👏👏

  • Bruce King Royal
    Bruce King Royal Il y a heure

    Is it available on ps4

  • skaar
    skaar Il y a heure

    Fortnite mobile is on a different class BECAUSE NOT ANYONE CAN PLAY IT! *(yes my phone is wayyyyy better than S7 edge+ and is unsupported)*

  • 3Dos
    3Dos Il y a heure

    Geez i didn't even get a single gift

  • Ryan Ramcharran
    Ryan Ramcharran Il y a heure

    Yea and mutating that fungus is pretty dam easy like insanely easy

  • Angelic Alien333
    Angelic Alien333 Il y a heure

    Here is a DOOM FACT. CERN....

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall Il y a heure

    My ping can vary from 10ms to 32ms depending on how many device's are connected to the WiFi...just imagine if I got a cable 😎

  • Reaper The God Of Games

    Mother Of God! Doomguy's Real Name Is B.J. Blazkowicz The Third?! The're Related?!

  • ACforlife 123
    ACforlife 123 Il y a heure

    What is the game at 9:41? Is it an AC game?

  • Alenfishman
    Alenfishman Il y a heure

    who remembers F5 quicksave

  • Fet Gucked
    Fet Gucked Il y a heure

    Best game I've ever played. Due to the world and story. Sunk so much time in to this.

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller Il y a heure

    I loved shooting squadmates in Gears of War (Campaign). Most games have the other characters say "Hey I'm on your side!" but Gears had Marcus yell at them for getting in the way instead.

  • 6foot_7foot
    6foot_7foot Il y a heure

    Man I can't stop dying!!!

  • sly fly
    sly fly Il y a heure

    in most shooter games, such as fallout or tom clancy las vegas, other ones too, i tend to find someone and put as many explosives under them as possible, just to see how big and how far i can blow them up

  • Jezrael James Bontuyan

    Totally agree with all of this.. :-)

  • Ethan Winnters
    Ethan Winnters Il y a heure

    Check the map a lot when searching for a loot

  • ????????
    ???????? Il y a heure

    Testing for fall damage and seeing what environments you can fall off of.