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  • Rebel90x
    Rebel90x Il y a 17 secondes

    A child who does not get attention from his village will burn it down for that attention.

  • spac3monkey gaming
    spac3monkey gaming Il y a 24 secondes

    That guy whos into 90s horror games but dosent mention silent hill or resident evil

  • Issa mohamed
    Issa mohamed Il y a 34 secondes

    This is so sad. This reminds me of the quote from the prophet peace be upon him when he said “ there will come days when being a Muslim will be like holding a burning charcoal in your hand” . Muslims want to fit in so much that we compromise our faith every single day. However, the truth is that when you become a true Muslim you automatically become a source of enlightenment and mercy to the people around you. SO TO MY MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS STRUGGLING IN THE WEST. KEEP YOUR FAITH FIRM AND DO NOT COMPROMISE. ISLAM IS UNIVERSAL AND THE MOST MERCIFUL IS IN CHARGE OF THIS WORLD. STAY BLESSED EVERYONE

  • Darkness Valor
    Darkness Valor Il y a 37 secondes

    I wear dirty clothes just like a poor person!

  • Rebel90x
    Rebel90x Il y a 51 seconde

    Who the hell hurt Derrick so bad

  • Konfederalista
    Konfederalista Il y a minute

    We should keep in mind that science is a subject, not an organised religion. I use scientific methods all the time, but scientists aren't priests with a moral high ground, so I have no reason to trust them and rather do my own research.

  • Robert Stephens
    Robert Stephens Il y a minute

    Comon ground is gonna keep the jihadist away smart guys

  • u just subscribed
    u just subscribed Il y a minute

    Why flat eathers send to space do believe earth is circle

  • satya jha
    satya jha Il y a minute

    I used to get drunk and tell everyone how much I loved them..... guess I don't have courage to do that in consciousness

  • Alex marding
    Alex marding Il y a 2 minutes

    I think it's good to have balance of both.

  • BamaNick
    BamaNick Il y a 2 minutes

    China and Russia really out here keeping our secrets... Damn😂😂

  • Ag C. A. Canty
    Ag C. A. Canty Il y a 2 minutes

    I was spanked when I was little. I’m grateful for it. They didn’t do it out of anger and always said they were sorry they had to do it and that they still love me

  • Tantei Chan
    Tantei Chan Il y a 3 minutes

    I disagree with both. Oh well...

  • Micol Cresto-Dina
    Micol Cresto-Dina Il y a 4 minutes

    Why do ik the white blonde lady’s kids probably hate her

  • Rebel90x
    Rebel90x Il y a 5 minutes

    Derrick is...... he is...... Huh.

  • Sue pk
    Sue pk Il y a 5 minutes

    Turtles and Birds can have a great life together. They just told the world. A beautiful story. 😁 Best wishes to best friends.

  • C Mac
    C Mac Il y a 6 minutes

    This really confirms to me that people have children due to tradition and social standards

  • Missy the Staffy
    Missy the Staffy Il y a 7 minutes

    You can tell that these body positivity insta models dislike skinny models

  • Icons Fansign
    Icons Fansign Il y a 7 minutes

    In England there is no such thing as dropping out. You guys have a choice in US?

  • Ted Sirlouis
    Ted Sirlouis Il y a 7 minutes

    My pneumatic journey in my Subaru is not a way to a girls heart lol

  • Casper Lindberg
    Casper Lindberg Il y a 8 minutes

    Everyone is saying that they did Nola dirty, but she couldn't answer the question at hand so it seemed appropriate to remove her.

  • cambripug _xoxo
    cambripug _xoxo Il y a 9 minutes

    I immediately thought: *Well what if one of them is a preteen, not an adult?*

  • evn
    evn Il y a 9 minutes

    They voted her out just because she was being annoying / rude / confrontational but this wasn’t a party! The goal was to find the mole for money and she went ham. They had no justifiable reason to vote her out imo

  • Brent P
    Brent P Il y a 9 minutes

    The crime was a double murder. Think "Oz" more than "Orange Is The New Black."

  • -Oliver- -
    -Oliver- - Il y a 10 minutes

    The question is can we really trust what Karen here learned from internet in 5minutes

  • Luiiise Bremer
    Luiiise Bremer Il y a 10 minutes

    U should call this game who is the best lier

  • Charsovia WPOA
    Charsovia WPOA Il y a 11 minutes

    To be honest, I was better with a free-range parent. Maybe it's because I have Autism, or I really don't get along with the outside world, at least I was 7 Idk I got a lot of negativity from my teacher and my negativity continued when I got punished, this happened until I moved schools in the 3rd grade. To be honest I do respect my 2nd grade teacher for not bunking me for what I did

  • Icons Fansign
    Icons Fansign Il y a 11 minutes

    My mom hit me >> I hit my siblings

  • Julia Kowal
    Julia Kowal Il y a 12 minutes

    Dang I knew from the begining when I saw him ! Haha

  • FakeBlocks
    FakeBlocks Il y a 12 minutes

    When Dereck talked I just skipped ahead xD

  • Rebel90x
    Rebel90x Il y a 12 minutes

    Bruh of course the biblical dad is about to beat his kid and give them no privacy smh

  • prod yetii
    prod yetii Il y a 13 minutes

    how can you fully know how you want to parent when most of them don’t even have children that are teenagers

  • Gummy Cat
    Gummy Cat Il y a 13 minutes

    God I would hate to have Hal as a parent

  • Alex Dell
    Alex Dell Il y a 13 minutes

    The second my kid reaches towards that toaster they gon get a smack from me or the house

  • Raqz
    Raqz Il y a 14 minutes

    Do one with old school rap generation vs new school rap generation

  • Derrick Terrell
    Derrick Terrell Il y a 14 minutes

    How can I get in one of these conversations?

  • meatball man
    meatball man Il y a 15 minutes

    This video but every time a flat earther says something you/I Would loose youre and my braincells get thanos snap

  • B B
    B B Il y a 15 minutes

    I sincerely hope that nothing bad ever happens to that kid who started riding the subway alone at 9yo. Children are unaware of the warning signs of kidnapping, human trafficking, assault, etc. and they are unequipped to defend themselves. I hope there are enough kind & conscious souls in the world to help protect as many of these kids as possible.

  • Complaining Qoheleth
    Complaining Qoheleth Il y a 15 minutes

    7:22 Funny he mentions El Salvador. I know a guy who's from there and if he goes back to El Salvador he will be killed (I'm from Ireland by the way).

  • Gummy Cat
    Gummy Cat Il y a 16 minutes

    When they said they wanted respect by being their parent and not their friend, that respect should be earned and not demanded. That’s much more valueable.

  • Its Chiki_
    Its Chiki_ Il y a 17 minutes

    Disappointed that the best argument was “opening doors “

  • sodi pooja
    sodi pooja Il y a 17 minutes

    I just wanna go skateboarding with randy

  • Soziana M
    Soziana M Il y a 17 minutes

    i think you guys should do one between vegans vs meat eater

  • Marianna Savvas
    Marianna Savvas Il y a 17 minutes

    The fact both girls got voted out for no reason

  • Terr
    Terr Il y a 17 minutes

    Society thinks that men are supersoldiers, thats why this happens

  • maxx joseph
    maxx joseph Il y a 18 minutes

    I'm maybe a muslim but i don't pray everyday i don't even remember the last time i pray . I read quran when i was young and i don't even know what that means. i rarely fasting during Ramadan. I drink alcohol sometimes but hey that's just me i don't know about other people 😂 BTW I'm from Malaysia

  • Polio Jones
    Polio Jones Il y a 18 minutes

    This videos format doesn’t even allow either side to scratch the surface of any meaningful argument. As soon as they begin to get into the nitty gritty of the issue they break with a different discussion. I’m sorry but this video was a waste of time.

  • AG _16
    AG _16 Il y a 18 minutes

    They voted the girls out cause they were for being females gamers😡

  • Ali Comando
    Ali Comando Il y a 18 minutes

    did he meant i am a peter pan ?

  • Pickles S
    Pickles S Il y a 18 minutes

    this guy must be lonely..he’s been on cut and some other stuff similar to this..get a life dude...

  • Acus Focus
    Acus Focus Il y a 18 minutes

    This is the most guy conversation I’ve ever heard

  • Iwanvs 95
    Iwanvs 95 Il y a 18 minutes

    I have no problem with the globe, but I couldn't care less if the earth was flat, because the shape doesn't change a fact that the earth is our only biological environment and the space-travel is not an option, so the middle ground would be screwing the space-theories and focusing on our earthly issues.

  • Monte Cacique
    Monte Cacique Il y a 19 minutes


  • And They Were Roommates
    And They Were Roommates Il y a 19 minutes

    It’s been proven that a balance is the best way to raise your children. Strict parents create problems just as much as just letting your kids run wild.

  • CMDRZero01
    CMDRZero01 Il y a 19 minutes

    Guys really don't have issues being emotional; i think it has more to do with time, place, and comfort level. If it's a situation where split second reactions are necessary or in a group of people they aren't comfortable with then yes most guys will be more reserved with their emotions and limit outburst. Average Men - "My feelings are My problem and none of your concern. "

  • Matthew Cooper
    Matthew Cooper Il y a 20 minutes

    We ReaD aLL thE ComMenTs. 98,213 comments right now. Jeeeeez

  • goose
    goose Il y a 21 minute

    sidenote from someone who was "spanked" as a child: It made me fearful and it created distrust. If i was in a "difficult" situation, i couldn't talk to my parent bc i feared punishment/judgement. I made a promise when i was a kid, to never hit my own child bc i knew how much it physically, emotionally and mentally hurts. So, spanking your child isnt the "best" method, nor is it "over and done", no matter how little you think your spanks are to your child, they can be more hurtful that you anticipate. I am not thankful for that.

  • Ken
    Ken Il y a 21 minute

    Hal is scary.

  • Klev
    Klev Il y a 22 minutes

    I'm a men rights activists and I couldn't disagree more with the guy in yellow... I actually felt more close with the girls, except for some few common fallacies like salary gap

  • Watcher
    Watcher Il y a 22 minutes

    7:30 that is soo best bro thing

  • Sheiya Thorpe
    Sheiya Thorpe Il y a 22 minutes

    Everyone talk about how natural and elegance runway models are but at the same time people didn’t realise that it would hurt people with different heights , body shape and etc that most of human in the world have. I think some influencers gave a good vibes about how you can embrace your own beauty without being stick to the anorexic model standards. I know some influencers gave the bad vibes too but just let’s focus on the good one.

  • Cole R
    Cole R Il y a 23 minutes

    He seems super nice

  • Icons Fansign
    Icons Fansign Il y a 24 minutes

    Girl you're not 80% straight you're bi. 😂

  • LovelyLex
    LovelyLex Il y a 25 minutes

    I know they probably didn’t mean this but I didn’t like when one of them said that they get to positively impact people and no one else gets to do that. Lol I feel like that devalues a lot of other jobs.

  • 123telamon
    123telamon Il y a 27 minutes

    they have chose the most unknow pornstars... i never heard of them

  • trinity sims
    trinity sims Il y a 29 minutes

    Not gonna lie I would fall asleep, my phone is so dry and dead that it wouldn't even go off.

  • hajra umar
    hajra umar Il y a 30 minutes

    Free range eggs

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens Il y a 30 minutes

    I'm proud of not ever touching drugs. It may seen minimal, but it's something I've proud of as it's something that I've had the opportunity to do too many times. All my friends turned to it (and now do cocaine and heroin etc). Most people would expect me to be the one taking drugs as I'm quite chill and relaxed and already like a drink. But I'm glad my stubbornness has got me this far, I only hope I can stop drinking and adopt that same discipline, but being at Uni where social drinking is encouraged almost daily, it's hard, especially because I hate myself when I'm sober and am only confident and popular when intoxicated

  • CnugsGaming
    CnugsGaming Il y a 32 minutes

    Plot twist none of them are, just a bunch of phoneys

  • Shawn Perry
    Shawn Perry Il y a 33 minutes

    Every flat earther says they learned it from FRclip...

  • Lucie Pospichal
    Lucie Pospichal Il y a 33 minutes

    I like that two of the men's rights activists were pretty open. The women unfortunately closed up pretty early because of the man in a yellow hoodie. He didn't seemed really sure about his opinions, he was kinda imature.

  • Daisy Kent
    Daisy Kent Il y a 35 minutes

    I wonder how they think day and night happens. And solar eclipses. And seasons

    CHIM CHIM Il y a 35 minutes

    Jason a cute babyyyy

  • bethany eman
    bethany eman Il y a 36 minutes

    Christian : “In my house, there’s no privacy because you don’t pay any bills” Me : “hmm, where have I heard that before? 🤨💀”

  • Risshen Raj
    Risshen Raj Il y a 37 minutes

    I can do nothing but laugh at these idiots😂

  • Melanin Poppin
    Melanin Poppin Il y a 37 minutes

    I feel you need a healthy balance of both "parenting skills/styles.👏🏾 free-range but also strict consequences. 💯

  • Spicy Yoghurt
    Spicy Yoghurt Il y a 38 minutes

    They should do this again buuut without Derrick....

  • Augustine Baxter
    Augustine Baxter Il y a 39 minutes

    The black women pulled the race card and it didn’t make sense to me (I don’t hate black ppl btw)

  • Kayden Pestik
    Kayden Pestik Il y a 40 minutes

    grace v !!! AHH i love her 🥺🥺

  • I'm called rosie
    I'm called rosie Il y a 40 minutes

    My mom was my friend growing up this personlly is the best way you trust them and you don't bottle things up!

  • CHIP
    CHIP Il y a 41 minute

    These guys are all psychopaths

  • Gaja Koporcic
    Gaja Koporcic Il y a 44 minutes

    jesus richard wtf

  • Heat_Wave
    Heat_Wave Il y a 44 minutes

    IM SORRY BUT ISN'T THERE AN UPDATE ON THE VOICE MAIL CALL??????? It worked though, I'm crying😭😭😭.....

  • Abhrajyoti Pal
    Abhrajyoti Pal Il y a 45 minutes

    The 'critical thinker' says that the physicists' logic is faulty. This is new.

  • Weird Person
    Weird Person Il y a 46 minutes

    I swear I have a thing for soccer boys because he’s fine and play soccer and I like half the guys on the soccer team at my school 😭😭 is that being a hoe? No right 😭😭😭

  • bethany eman
    bethany eman Il y a 46 minutes

    Seems like the older pro-lifer has some personal issues that she deals with, and that’s why she’s pro-life. She said herself that she had 2 abortions and surgery so she couldn’t have biological children. She felt guilty for her own punishment so she’s trying to force a life she could never have on to other people. I don’t like her at all. 🥴 sis is always trying to contradict people’s statements and find loopholes to question their opinions.

  • Monishka Kaushal
    Monishka Kaushal Il y a 46 minutes

    The worst thing i have done is being silent everytime i have been sexually abused by people around me. And yeah breaking my parent's trust for the guys i have dated!

  • line
    line Il y a 46 minutes

    sabrina!! malaysian chinese!!! married to a black woman!!!!! i love her!!!!!!!

  • GD Sailence2
    GD Sailence2 Il y a 47 minutes

    Man I love that pastor!he's so real and positive all the time.God bless you man I'm chatolic its like christian just the difference is the sign of the cross.

  • Rajmani Bhagat
    Rajmani Bhagat Il y a 47 minutes

    Christian woman: "I wanNA bE aN AStrOnAut." Let's tell this to Elon Musk.

  • Shaggy420
    Shaggy420 Il y a 47 minutes

    Do all satanists think the same?

  • japyivy
    japyivy Il y a 48 minutes

    Why do some black people make EVERYTHING about being black??

  • line
    line Il y a 51 minute

    Oh my god why are they even there this is embarrassing

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty Il y a 51 minute

    i literally died of cringe when he was like 'you guys know slenderman?'

  • Davide Consonni
    Davide Consonni Il y a 51 minute

    everyone seems to be criticizing the ladies while Hal is mentioned like once,,,,,,,,,,,,, like did y'all hear him?? yikes...

  • Marija xxx
    Marija xxx Il y a 52 minutes

    this reminds me of that movie, mine yours and ours. One parent was very easy going and the other had them trained like the military.

  • Belong Gt
    Belong Gt Il y a 52 minutes

    Spoiler: the one wearing shoes is the mole

  • Kit Geeky
    Kit Geeky Il y a 54 minutes

    Why do all conversations regarding feminism focus on western culture?

  • Sweaty Yt
    Sweaty Yt Il y a 55 minutes

    That’s why when my mom spank me she say it hurt me more than it hurt you

  • Kit Geeky
    Kit Geeky Il y a 56 minutes

    Of the three guys we have; tried to have an open communication and truly tried to take a step forward, listened and didn't really understand, and then Derrick. Of the women we have; personal experiences caused their view, or stats and life made them want to make a change.