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It's Time To Move On...
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The Search For Our New Pet
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#AskEthanAndGrayson 4
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Bye For Now
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Types Of Fans
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Bloopers 2017 !
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Reacting To Our MAKEOVERS!
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Twins Vs. iPhone X Face ID
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Awkwarder Question Game!!
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Spray Tan Challenge
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  • annie_gacha ;3
    annie_gacha ;3 Il y a 41 seconde

    “Ah im gonna fall off” “OKAY don’t fall off.” 😂😂😂😂

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget Il y a minute

    They’re so much thinner in these older vids lol

  • student Bria Pete
    student Bria Pete Il y a 4 minutes

    i kinda fell into hypnosis when i watched that vid and i forgot a lot but i just watched it

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVid Il y a 7 minutes did you get that Hulk...

  • vhh cbjj
    vhh cbjj Il y a 7 minutes

    ok boomer

  • Sasha Gerard
    Sasha Gerard Il y a 8 minutes

    Am I the only one who thought of “ bust down Tatiana “ when they brought out the goat!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😆

  • student Bria Pete
    student Bria Pete Il y a 15 minutes

    why don't u guys just make a account called sister squad and put ur vids on there

  • Destiny Carneiro
    Destiny Carneiro Il y a 19 minutes

    13:19 okay ethan 😂

  • itzxmee
    itzxmee Il y a 20 minutes

    anyone watching this when hydroflasks are popular

  • Juli Hoffman
    Juli Hoffman Il y a 20 minutes

    Discovered your channel through Jeffree and Shane. I love the vibe of your latest content. Take care!

  • Sophia_ Butthole_
    Sophia_ Butthole_ Il y a 23 minutes

    When Ethan and that girl were kissing it was so cring!

  • Hannah Eiler
    Hannah Eiler Il y a 34 minutes

    I am your friend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Mimi Namrawi
    Mimi Namrawi Il y a 37 minutes

    Love u Ethan

  • Kerlande Petit-Homme
    Kerlande Petit-Homme Il y a 37 minutes

    Two years later and this video still makes me laugh😂

  • kismet brar
    kismet brar Il y a 39 minutes


  • student Bria Pete
    student Bria Pete Il y a 41 minute

    when he gave u guys cups it made me thirsty so now i have to go and get water.

  • Scurt Scurt
    Scurt Scurt Il y a 43 minutes

    Why does Ethan looked like a glazed doughnut when he gets the first layer of white lolz

  • Unicorns Forever
    Unicorns Forever Il y a 47 minutes

    When they were in ethans room she said this is the s word and I was like :O I didn’t know she said things like that

  • Enike Sefo
    Enike Sefo Il y a 48 minutes

    Did I hear what I think I heard???? 8:57

  • Morgan Guardado
    Morgan Guardado Il y a 49 minutes

    Why is there no audio

  • sydney bottari
    sydney bottari Il y a 49 minutes


  • sydney bottari
    sydney bottari Il y a 49 minutes

    wh-what-wabbdnjdkdkd what we had to do

  • Football God
    Football God Il y a 51 minute

    I love his dance moves

  • Hannah Eiler
    Hannah Eiler Il y a 52 minutes

    That’s the day before my birthday 🎂

  • sydney bottari
    sydney bottari Il y a 53 minutes

    still thinking ab how a girl got paid to kiss ethan

  • ꨄ B u m b l e b e e ꨄ
    ꨄ B u m b l e b e e ꨄ Il y a 54 minutes

    13:27 Mini Ethan: dAnGlinG~! :0 LMAO THAT WAS SO CUTE

  • Football God
    Football God Il y a 58 minutes

    Who has seen there after surgery like if you have

  • Betel Fernanda Márquez Rojas

    "I like Barbie lizard" 😂😂😂

  • Xochitl Madrigal
    Xochitl Madrigal Il y a heure

    *turns off phone for 3 days* Notifications: Where are you. -mom That's it

  • Weirdo Weirdo
    Weirdo Weirdo Il y a heure


  • R. Wright
    R. Wright Il y a heure

    25:52 I would fkn punch grayson if I could

  • Daniela Perez
    Daniela Perez Il y a heure

    Overall, for beginners and small amount of time for learning a dance they did it very well with out any arguments😅 or anything 🙃😜

  • ItzEvelyn
    ItzEvelyn Il y a heure


  • It’s Kayy
    It’s Kayy Il y a heure

    really ethan why are you bullying grayson😂if i was grayson i would be in my room crying😂😂

  • eavan daisy
    eavan daisy Il y a heure


  • galaxy girl
    galaxy girl Il y a heure

    I watched this right after I watched them facing there phobia 😂

  • Scarlett Osborne
    Scarlett Osborne Il y a heure

    #1 - Grayson is an ASMR god #2 - *Ethan suffering* Grayson “LOOK AT IT!” ahh kinda miss them...

  • Football God
    Football God Il y a heure


  • Stephen Higgins
    Stephen Higgins Il y a heure

    I like how one is productive and the other one is playing with sticks and rocks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anneth Maciel
    Anneth Maciel Il y a heure

    I never knew grayson had asthma

  • the mysteries monkey man????

    That was 12 hours

  • Football God
    Football God Il y a heure

    Bro I loved the vid keep it up guys 😃😃🙂

  • Football God
    Football God Il y a heure

    Gray That eyebrow belongs to me Ethan no that eyebrow belongs to me I was bawling my eyes out

  • Pineapple Show
    Pineapple Show Il y a heure

    When they had to say non-sexual things in a sexual way Ethan was so nasty

  • Pam’s
    Pam’s Il y a heure

    Seriously ... these twins are adorable people. So sweet. And hot AF ❤️

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear Il y a heure

    Just because you guys aren't on the purple couch does not mean you can sit on the wrong sides

  • Shayla Hinton
    Shayla Hinton Il y a heure

    They posted this on my birthday

  • Taehyung’s Wife
    Taehyung’s Wife Il y a heure

    I MISS THIS BOND!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍💘💘💗💗💗💕💞💞💜💜💟💟💝💝💝💕💞💞♥️♥️♥️♥️💜💜💞💕💗💗❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💚💚💙💕💕💕❣️❣️❣️❣️🖤🖤💜💜💞💞💝💓💗💗💖💖💘💓💓💞

  • R. Wright
    R. Wright Il y a heure

    4:28 it looks like Ethan's trying to lowkey stare at emma through the camera 😂

  • DiamondZee E
    DiamondZee E Il y a heure

    Ewwww what wrong with Ethans hair. Good thing he changed it👱🏼‍♂️

  • Kylah Banks
    Kylah Banks Il y a heure

    Get the possum it was so cute.

  • Anna Besford
    Anna Besford Il y a heure

    i LOVED this

  • Mary Conteh
    Mary Conteh Il y a heure

    11:17...Well shit.

  • UNG Unseen
    UNG Unseen Il y a 2 heures

    Did anyone se that there was wood been they both went but only the plastic thing for obj

  • Sophie Ataya
    Sophie Ataya Il y a 2 heures

    this made me smile :)

  • Football God
    Football God Il y a 2 heures

    Ethan won it

  • Jazlyn Meza
    Jazlyn Meza Il y a 2 heures

    Them hickeys tho Ethan 🤣

  • Maddie Myers
    Maddie Myers Il y a 2 heures

    Okay can someone help me. I think I’m one of their videos one of them said “Don’t post anything inappropriate on Snapchat for your friends to tweet on to Instagram” And I swear I can’t find it. I NEED HELP

  • Viannca Martinez
    Viannca Martinez Il y a 2 heures

    OMG LOL i was currently making this video while you guys posted this. but just posted mine for whoever wants to check out!

  • That one Kpop fan
    That one Kpop fan Il y a 2 heures

    *"There was a Sasscooch in those woods and I was showing him my pokemon collection."* Genuinely started crying from laughter best thing I've seen so far in 2019

  • Tiana Jackson
    Tiana Jackson Il y a 2 heures

    At the start *its my couuuuuuuuuucccchhhh* Idek why i found dis funny

  • DynaGirl Rex
    DynaGirl Rex Il y a 2 heures

    We all know we came here for the strawberry pizza and the argument about who put the cheese on Grays foot

  • David Analetto
    David Analetto Il y a 2 heures

    Grayson looks like hes wearing lipstick lol

  • Adelyn Arenas
    Adelyn Arenas Il y a 2 heures

    I haven’t laughed this much in a while. This is my favorite video😂😂😂😂

  • Diana is a unicorn 826
    Diana is a unicorn 826 Il y a 2 heures

    To me this seems to be a video explaining what was going on in there bye for now video that they weren’t comfortable sharing Everything that they just said now

  • Ciera Barnett
    Ciera Barnett Il y a 2 heures

    we love you guys so so so much 💜 we’re here to support you, through thick and thin :) don’t worry about us, we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to come back. don’t fret babies 😇 go have some fun

  • Happ Pretzel
    Happ Pretzel Il y a 2 heures

    I like new pics and the "new videos whenever" 😚

  • Rachael Louise
    Rachael Louise Il y a 2 heures

    Absolutely f***ing hilarious 🤣 🤣 so much love for these two 💜💜

  • Tiana Jackson
    Tiana Jackson Il y a 2 heures

    I found it funny at 8:16 they both went "OHW"

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Il y a 2 heures


  • Bxby Molina
    Bxby Molina Il y a 2 heures

    "we are cabrones"

  • Shiro Wambugu
    Shiro Wambugu Il y a 2 heures

    Honestly if u wore the same clothes n removed ur earrings n made ur hair the same I wouldn't be able to tell u apart

  • Sadie kramer
    Sadie kramer Il y a 2 heures

    3:14 i was crying

  • Julia Motakef
    Julia Motakef Il y a 2 heures

    i feel so bad that they feel like their fans would leave them yknow? like we are fans because we love you as people

  • Addy Macy
    Addy Macy Il y a 2 heures

    Grandma Grandma Grandma 😂😂😂 6:45

  • Lucy Mortimer
    Lucy Mortimer Il y a 2 heures

    All of them were hypnotised. Then there is James who is faker than Kylie jenner 😂😂

  • Lauren Cassels
    Lauren Cassels Il y a 2 heures

    Like for Grayson☺️ Reply for Ethan🤩

  • bracefacee aa
    bracefacee aa Il y a 3 heures

    did anybody notice the what's behind ethan at 12:10 ?

  • Gracie Thayer
    Gracie Thayer Il y a 3 heures

    I hear 'yaurel' like 'your el'

  • Hanna Ali
    Hanna Ali Il y a 3 heures

    I booked a shuttle for Ethan and Grayson Dolan I mean Just Ethan Dolan Awwww😭

  • R. Wright
    R. Wright Il y a 3 heures

    this whole videos just feels like ethan is the boss lol

  • sara eldah
    sara eldah Il y a 3 heures

    18:15 lol my fav part

  • Gracie Thayer
    Gracie Thayer Il y a 3 heures

    Grayson at 3:40

  • Adriana Wuschke
    Adriana Wuschke Il y a 3 heures

    The slide show was so cuteee😭 it makes me want to leave my phone and go to Hawaii.

  • Aysha Kazi
    Aysha Kazi Il y a 3 heures

    Things are going to get harder before they get easier.

  • Andrea Kerr
    Andrea Kerr Il y a 3 heures

    *aethan never!*

  • Esther Simmons
    Esther Simmons Il y a 3 heures

    18:28 the way juampa says "candy" makes me cru🥺🥺

  • Esther Simmons
    Esther Simmons Il y a 3 heures

    17:33 "WAKE UP B****" im still cracking up🤣

  • Animal Meow
    Animal Meow Il y a 3 heures

    James: “i am starving , but.. *_can you just bang me instead?”_* Grayson: *_drives away_*

  • Valki Alli
    Valki Alli Il y a 3 heures

    Dude, who else got scared when that huge branch was gonna hit Grayson in the head at 8:09-8:11

  • Patty Robertson
    Patty Robertson Il y a 3 heures

    This should be done with water not milk

  • đąňī hėřņåņđėž

    No se dice JA vier? 😂😂

  • TK Production's
    TK Production's Il y a 3 heures

    Grayson: The bathroom will have to be 3 1/2 feet.... Ethan: I have no idea what any of this shit means 😂😂😂

  • Morgan Daly
    Morgan Daly Il y a 3 heures


  • Tana Dutton
    Tana Dutton Il y a 3 heures

    Who is here when James left

  • Ava Ferrario
    Ava Ferrario Il y a 3 heures

    Ethan: I had bugs crawling all over me Grayson: well you have to light a fire to get all the bugs off of you Ethan: but I didn’t know that because I don’t watch survival videos like a freaking weirdo Everyone: watching a survival video of them. 😂 Love your vids Ethan and Grayson! Thanks for making me happy!🤣😝🤟🏼

  • br4tz
    br4tz Il y a 3 heures

    *comment: imagine ethan is frustrated with Grayson and he comes over to f*** you to let his frustration out and f**** you too f**** and kills you* *me: no i will not imagine that-*

  • Lauren Dill
    Lauren Dill Il y a 3 heures


  • Morgan_MB _
    Morgan_MB _ Il y a 3 heures

    0:15 Grayson : "were about to mukbang all of this Christmas *delish* " Ethan :"did you just-" Grayson : "yeah I said it" Ethan :"alright"

  • Ramen Noodlz
    Ramen Noodlz Il y a 3 heures

    4:02 E:Everyone gets dead Me: That’s not even proper English🤔😑 _______________________________________ Everyone Gets Dead ~Ethan Dolan