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Tyrell Williams Snags 4-Yd TD Catch
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CRAZY END to Texans/Saints!
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  • SGTSayz
    SGTSayz Il y a heure

    He's going to mess around and score a triple-double. And by "he", I mean that man Lamar Jackson

  • Brycen Ehrich
    Brycen Ehrich Il y a heure

    0:01 was there a logo change I didn't know about?

  • Trista Fravel
    Trista Fravel Il y a heure

    Well that was a brutal raping by NE

  • Soufflé Samuel
    Soufflé Samuel Il y a heure

    Steelers: We're gonna win this game DK Metcalf: No we are Steelers: Understandable, have a nice day

  • Rahim Jamal Jones
    Rahim Jamal Jones Il y a heure

    Texans shoulda kept Clowney our D would be #1...#texans

  • just jack
    just jack Il y a heure

    Close call for the Pats. Almost lost that one.

  • 666kingdrummer
    666kingdrummer Il y a heure


  • Josh Dillingham
    Josh Dillingham Il y a heure

    Hate to say it but when he missed that field goal the Tennessee Titans deja vu feeling hit and you knew how this was going to end. If you've ever been a fan of any sports franchise in Tennessee you already knew...

  • Fábio Vaz
    Fábio Vaz Il y a heure

    Atlanta Falcons?

  • RK Belmont
    RK Belmont Il y a heure

    We lost Joe for 8 weeks which is a bigger deal than this win. Now we have a rookie OT from Vanderbilt protecting Garoppolo blind side.

  • Luis Is a Beast
    Luis Is a Beast Il y a heure

    49ers are the best team

  • Respect Knuckles
    Respect Knuckles Il y a heure

    dak gave me hella points wooo!!!

  • cheese
    cheese Il y a heure

    superbowl bound #GOHAWKS

  • Jay Rod
    Jay Rod Il y a heure

    Josh Norman = overrated

  • Fingering Things
    Fingering Things Il y a heure

    Kirk Cousins and losing against teams with a winning record: a tradition unlike any other.

  • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?
    IsThisTheKrustyKrab? Il y a heure

    There are high school football teams in Miami that could beat the Dolphins.

  • Paulo K
    Paulo K Il y a heure

    Kaptain Cirk 😆

  • Athenastarbrite
    Athenastarbrite Il y a heure

    The “ Josh Allen stiff-arm of death “ @ 0:47 in.

  • Ambience For All
    Ambience For All Il y a heure

    Wow that hurt to watch and I don't like either team

  • ifitscool
    ifitscool Il y a heure

    I love games that go down to the wire, so epic... Obviously not talking about this game.

  • Keegan Taylor
    Keegan Taylor Il y a heure

    Ngl that Ross td was so clutch for fantasy

  • jj hunt
    jj hunt Il y a heure

    Yes sir how bout those cowboys won let go

  • Farod Ford
    Farod Ford Il y a heure

    12 straight quarters not allowing a single touchdown, (counting Superbowl 53). Pat's defense is 🔥🔥🔥. Let's make it 16 next week.

  • ATRAX Productions
    ATRAX Productions Il y a heure

    Love our defense. Besides the Diggs and Cook big plays they played very well. Good stuff. Time to get Denver week 3. Go Pack Go!

  • YizTheGreat
    YizTheGreat Il y a heure

    1st half is always good for the skins. Second half we can’t adjust and do anything ):

  • Bob Heck
    Bob Heck Il y a heure

    Who will get the Number 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft - Giants or Dolphins?

  • tupac spirit
    tupac spirit Il y a heure

    I keep telling you Vikings fans Kirk turn over machine cousins going to hurt your team

  • Sunny Rothmiller
    Sunny Rothmiller Il y a heure

    Moncrief is Limas Sweed 2.0

  • f1r1n1e
    f1r1n1e Il y a heure

    Do the redskins even watch film?

  • Storm Rip
    Storm Rip Il y a heure

    Cut Kirk, 84 mil for what???

  • Obsidian17
    Obsidian17 Il y a heure

    I like watching the Pats play for the same reason why I like watching all those Engineering Shows...I enjoy precision on display.

    HIGH VOLTAGE Il y a heure

    Go Niners!!! 2-0 on the road!! First time since 1989!!!

  • Fingering Things
    Fingering Things Il y a heure

    Pros: Defenses both looked good. Cons: Everything else.

  • Austin Mark
    Austin Mark Il y a heure

    when the eagles struggle vs the redskins and the cowboys blow out the giants everybody: the giants are the worst team in the league. anybody could do that. the redskins are a decent team. good job philly! after the cowboys easily beat the redskins and Dak plays amazing again: The redskins suck. worst team in the league. any QB could do that to the redskins. cowboys haters are delusional.

  • WEE Radio
    WEE Radio Il y a heure

    BENGALS D WEEK1: We the best defense in the league BENGALS D WEEK 2: Aight Ima head out

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey Il y a heure

    It’s time to bench Eli, dude washed asf, Saquon literally carrying the whole damn franchise each time he takes the ball

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez Il y a heure

    0:01 Atlanta Falcons???😂

  • BishuTheGreatRookie
    BishuTheGreatRookie Il y a heure

    Salty comments from the Steelers because they lost 😂

  • cholhwa
    cholhwa Il y a heure

    Malik Turner is a gem found for the hawks

  • Daniel Conner
    Daniel Conner Il y a heure

    Where are all my Browns slash Raiders Fans in Tejas!!?

  • Tessa Rossa
    Tessa Rossa Il y a heure

    Um... wow. TB12 rollin again... Perfect Season, anyone?

  • Daniel
    Daniel Il y a heure

    Atlanta falcons ?

  • Lauren Higgins
    Lauren Higgins Il y a heure

    yup they totally played the atlanta falcons

  • Luke R.
    Luke R. Il y a heure

    Didn't see this live, but I'm guessing Cousins blew this one at the end...

  • Trista Fravel
    Trista Fravel Il y a heure

    Oh cool.... I didnt realize the Dolphins were NEs practice squad this year!

  • DRÈN03MH
    DRÈN03MH Il y a heure

    Honestly Chargers would’ve won but too many flags on touchdowns

  • David Joseph
    David Joseph Il y a heure

    There lvl to this Leonard could not be tackle in college but the pro a different story

  • Mari Breon
    Mari Breon Il y a heure

    Jalen punching the coach rn 💀

  • sana stans IN YOUR AREA

    Whenever you have patriots defense on your fantasy team.

  • sulimed
    sulimed Il y a heure

    Time to start bringing in potential kickers. It's one thing to miss a 40-something yard field goal. But you shouldn't be missing PAT... definitely not two of them

  • Damarko Robinson
    Damarko Robinson Il y a heure

    So we not about to about how Murray almost came back with a trash cardinals team 2 weeks in a row

  • Ski Casting
    Ski Casting Il y a heure

    People still support the dolphins? Lmaoooo

  • Cee Mer
    Cee Mer Il y a heure

    2019 Dolphins is the new 2017 Browns.

    TYLER URENA Il y a heure

    That Russell slide at 12:32 looked dangerous

  • DeBreaux Talks
    DeBreaux Talks Il y a heure

    Ravens are definitely a balanced threat now on both ends with improvement in Lamar’s pass game, and Kyler Murray and Cards look promising they did well to have a whole new core and coaching staff. #GoodGame 🔥🔥💯💪🏾

  • Noah Newnham
    Noah Newnham Il y a heure

    Justice for last week😂

  • soid drone slayer
    soid drone slayer Il y a heure

    Jus another week jus another embarrassing L for the Dolphins I dont know which is worse a blowout by 50 or laying a goose egg on the field. The pats are so good they didnt have to do much in this game, they took care of the first half, the defense took care of the second. If it goes on like this the rest of the NFL is in trouble. AB looked real happy to be with a winning organization like the Pats first game and he got his first TD of the season.

  • Steven White
    Steven White Il y a heure

    Die hard ravens fan murray is gonna be a beast he needs a better O-Line to protect him

  • Josh Pellot
    Josh Pellot Il y a heure

    Looks like Big ben waited to trade Josh Dobbs to fake his injury.. Its time to retire and get rid of Tomlin

  • Omar Mumin
    Omar Mumin Il y a heure

    Why is this a video its a basic touchdown

  • Al. Ben.
    Al. Ben. Il y a heure

    These two QBs are gonna revolutionize the game

  • Banchiilife
    Banchiilife Il y a heure

    So we won the super bowl 🏟 rite!!!

  • Christopher Swanson
    Christopher Swanson Il y a heure

    Kirk cousins is a moron- Past Vikings fan

  • DJ Legendario
    DJ Legendario Il y a heure

    Chiefs going 1-15 i am a chiefs fan but how the hell do you lose to the Raiders with a good offense, the raiders are nothing but for some reason they suck so bad to lose to the Raiders, i have no idea how you lose to the worst team in the AFC West. How the hell do you do that, i get it if you lose to the Seahawks, or Patriots but the gosh dang Raiders? What? How the hell do you do that? You have the potential to beat really good teams, but no, you become the worst team ever. I have no hope for this team anymore. Later i will regret making this but i will be an idiot and be mad that they lost to the gosh darn Raiders. Hope all of the Raiders team and staff dies.

  • Gabe Bear Zilla 99
    Gabe Bear Zilla 99 Il y a heure

    I am a real happy person when all my 3 teams win. 1. Bills 2. Cowboys 3. Seahwaks

  • First Fit Second Wealth

    If the cards are competitive all of their games, it would be better than last year.

  • 4thlord51
    4thlord51 Il y a heure

    Miami highlights: Fitzpatrick getting sack or throwing a pick 6

  • 96786 Victor
    96786 Victor Il y a heure

    Letz GO COWBOYS #COWBOYnation

  • James Frigstad
    James Frigstad Il y a heure

    Damn I thought we had a comeback in us, should have ran the ball on the goal line. GG GB until week 16

  • BadAssSykO
    BadAssSykO Il y a heure

    Where are those Miami Doodoofins fans at?

  • Fingering Things
    Fingering Things Il y a heure

    Cousins owes his defense an apology

  • majorpaper31
    majorpaper31 Il y a heure

    Man no one sees them playing with the points why do u continue to throw with a 37 point lead and less than 5 mins wtf.

  • tou chang
    tou chang Il y a heure

    Yeah cowboys offense looking scary now!

  • Bob Heck
    Bob Heck Il y a heure

    I thought Eli Apple sucked. Well DeAndre Baker- this ain’t Georgia anymore this is the NFL which stands for Not For Long the way you’re playing. Baker is making Eli Apple look like Deion Sanders.

  • Cade Latham
    Cade Latham Il y a heure

    This team is flat out dangerous

  • goerge cantstandya
    goerge cantstandya Il y a heure

    damn thats pass interference? what about the saints rams game in the nfc championship game? that wasnt a p.i.?

  • Zelaya
    Zelaya Il y a heure

    What’s up with the Vikings having bad kickers??

  • X dannit
    X dannit Il y a heure

    Atlanta Falcons ?

  • Smith Gamer
    Smith Gamer Il y a heure

    Carson fumble 3 times we need penny

  • Jamie l
    Jamie l Il y a heure

    Pittsburgh 0 2 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt From Wii Sports
    Matt From Wii Sports Il y a heure

    bruh both of the times we started off 2-0, we went to the super bowl. Doesn't mean anything, just pointing that out there

  • Lee Zeidel
    Lee Zeidel Il y a heure

    Phillip Dorsett is no joke and AB naturally fits right in to the Pat's offensive style keeping it simple a deadly combination and all you AB haters 😂😅🤣

  • Minnesota SportsFan
    Minnesota SportsFan Il y a heure

    *FINAL* Kirk Cousins and Refs gift Green Bay a win. I mean seriously the defense was amazing for straight quarters. The run game is the best in the league but our "QB" somehow threw a pick on the 5 yard line. And the refs stole diggs first touchdown on a call I've never seen before. Packers fans be happy for now.

  • Lucas P
    Lucas P Il y a heure

    10:36 Russell Wilson is a straight savage

  • ProteanGreninja
    ProteanGreninja Il y a heure

    0:01 FALCONS LOL????

  • My Dumass -
    My Dumass - Il y a heure

    I am sooo freaking excited for our defense. Now that Bill himself is calling the plays .....the NFL should be on notice.

  • Jesse Grajeda
    Jesse Grajeda Il y a heure

    Go pack go 😂😂🤣

  • Jason Zielsdorf
    Jason Zielsdorf Il y a heure

    Case > Kirk. The idiots deserve Kirk.

  • Peter deWolf
    Peter deWolf Il y a heure

    I figure a certain amount of luck should be part of a successful season. If they can avoid losing while getting their feet under them, so to speak, that will have been lucky.

  • Big Tings
    Big Tings Il y a heure

    Wow... I thought the Seahawks had the most suspect o line

  • JasnoGT
    JasnoGT Il y a heure

    Dolphins haven't been the same since moving to Atlanta.

  • Rahim Jamal Jones
    Rahim Jamal Jones Il y a heure

    Im Texans all day but Minshew had a good game ...

  • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?
    IsThisTheKrustyKrab? Il y a heure

    Ross needs to sell the team and then move them out of Miami. They got to go.

  • Dude Name Mophizo
    Dude Name Mophizo Il y a heure

    BOB needs to go man! Am tired of his BS!

  • Not to be racist, but
    Not to be racist, but Il y a heure


  • Lawrence Harper
    Lawrence Harper Il y a heure

    Big play Slay back at it again

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey Il y a heure

    Deshaun Watson>Mahomes

  • BIKER *****
    BIKER ***** Il y a heure

    Yesssa baby ..grate game,great the 2nd win..Miami you'll be very next one and get ur sorry ass kicked soon..GO.COWNOYS!!!!

  • Joseph F
    Joseph F Il y a heure

    Can those sleeping on Allen please wake up and smell that delicious coffee?

  • Mega
    Mega Il y a heure

    Redskins you suck