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  • keirden kaye
    keirden kaye Il y a 53 secondes

    IT 2

  • Wiggles
    Wiggles Il y a 55 secondes

    danny did the beetlejuice tiktok so good

  • sarieeele X
    sarieeele X Il y a 2 minutes

    My kink is people praising Louis and giving him recognition

  • JINXs _MK
    JINXs _MK Il y a 2 minutes

    Blink it's So Nostalgic for me I always listen their songs

  • Martin Riggs 2.0
    Martin Riggs 2.0 Il y a 2 minutes

    I miss them so much😭

  • Lal Kungi
    Lal Kungi Il y a 3 minutes

    i luv bp, bts, and xo but this video is about pentagon so please stop talking about other groups

  • nile xx
    nile xx Il y a 3 minutes

    Here is the rule: see 1D and click as fast as you can

  • Êáû Dë_Mý Fàñđöm Ĺífé


  • Incredibly handsome asian man

    El carsonio

  • Rosie xo
    Rosie xo Il y a 5 minutes

    Tom's tiktoks have me quaking.

  • sarry htyles
    sarry htyles Il y a 6 minutes

    should've put rumours or trampoline on zayn's

  • meloman002
    meloman002 Il y a 7 minutes

    I wonder if the KFC Donut Sandwich is available in Canada.

  • Elena Sos
    Elena Sos Il y a 8 minutes

    Imagine if they make a Bane movie with the man who played the mountain in GOT

  • danaë th
    danaë th Il y a 9 minutes

    keep Calypso please

  • sohel khan
    sohel khan Il y a 9 minutes

    John Cena is also there you just can't see him

  • Diana X
    Diana X Il y a 9 minutes

    Cancel Lucas

  • Ricardo Perales
    Ricardo Perales Il y a 10 minutes

    Fun Fact some of the WWE Superstars voice acted in Scooby Doo,The Jetsons ,and The FlintStones it was called Wrestlemania.

  • Ninel Rosales
    Ninel Rosales Il y a 11 minutes

    Hi FBE

  • Jordan Carpenter
    Jordan Carpenter Il y a 11 minutes

    carson made this video 1000000x better

  • that kiddo jay
    that kiddo jay Il y a 11 minutes


  • debsteppp
    debsteppp Il y a 12 minutes

    omgosh Charlie Puth watches nigahiga?!?

  • Fjolla
    Fjolla Il y a 13 minutes

    Any Directioner here? Im curious

  • The Real Donald Trump, No joke

    Most if not all of these people are literally just the one drop-rule.

  • AspiringLyrics
    AspiringLyrics Il y a 18 minutes


  • gian caraan
    gian caraan Il y a 19 minutes

    Itsxsoo angsty.

  • {Erd} Axl
    {Erd} Axl Il y a 19 minutes

    I really HATE boybands But I actually LIKED that!

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga Il y a 20 minutes

    How tf did you get Carson on here

  • Jin Whan
    Jin Whan Il y a 20 minutes

    Yutos voice is soooo deeep

  • Sarang Bajwa
    Sarang Bajwa Il y a 21 minute

    Im crying right now, i miss them soooooo much, i still support all of them in their carrers tho.

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez Il y a 21 minute

    "Its a 3..it was really good...its cuTE"

  • jo roma
    jo roma Il y a 22 minutes


  • TheJMVU
    TheJMVU Il y a 23 minutes

    I knew Donna from Brandon Rogers was here 😂

  • Sofy Mesa
    Sofy Mesa Il y a 24 minutes

    "That's a lot of bodies."

  • spooky connor
    spooky connor Il y a 24 minutes

    who hasn’t heard the band queen

  • riana park
    riana park Il y a 24 minutes


    • Jin Whan
      Jin Whan Il y a 23 minutes

      riana park lol ikr

  • Selena Hairston
    Selena Hairston Il y a 25 minutes


  • Emina
    Emina Il y a 26 minutes

    I’m so proud of my babies

  • The Real Donald Trump, No joke

    Do representation of the Italians. We need our stories told.

  • Kaitlyn Patterson
    Kaitlyn Patterson Il y a 27 minutes

    Louis ❤️❤️❤️

    KI MIGHT A Il y a 27 minutes

    Jeff hardy swanton on Randy??😑😠

  • nolifefangirl 1d5sos
    nolifefangirl 1d5sos Il y a 28 minutes

    This is gold

  • Trippieyis
    Trippieyis Il y a 28 minutes


  • Araceli Nunez
    Araceli Nunez Il y a 28 minutes

    I cried at the 3rd video :(

  • hailey jade
    hailey jade Il y a 29 minutes


  • nolifefangirl 1d5sos
    nolifefangirl 1d5sos Il y a 30 minutes

    Ughhhh yessss

  • Bob Duncan
    Bob Duncan Il y a 31 minute

    Cars 3

  • bram casey
    bram casey Il y a 31 minute

    "choke her out!! yes sis!!"

    QueenUNLIMITED Il y a 32 minutes

    The reactions. Lol

  • Double K
    Double K Il y a 33 minutes

    Fancy you ❤️

  • Gucci Boi
    Gucci Boi Il y a 34 minutes


  • Justyce Gallatin
    Justyce Gallatin Il y a 36 minutes

    Can u guys get bts

  • Nitzan Amichai
    Nitzan Amichai Il y a 37 minutes

    Louis is such a cutie pie 😍

  • Elizabeth Benitez
    Elizabeth Benitez Il y a 37 minutes

    Now bring TWICE

  • snap2snip
    snap2snip Il y a 37 minutes

    If silent bob talked more often then he would just be bob.

  • SeanyBoyProductions 1
    SeanyBoyProductions 1 Il y a 37 minutes

    0:42 is that a mf jo jo reference

  • Selma Bubic
    Selma Bubic Il y a 38 minutes

    5:34 I felt that in my bones😂😂, it's so true

  • yo mama
    yo mama Il y a 38 minutes

    omg finally i love this soo much❤️😂

  • Courtlynn Thomas
    Courtlynn Thomas Il y a 38 minutes

    Bread pudding is so good 🤤🤤

  • Nitzan Amichai
    Nitzan Amichai Il y a 39 minutes

    Ugh Lou Lou 😍😍

  • 1 mil subs with no vids
    1 mil subs with no vids Il y a 40 minutes

    2:23 uhh no... It just shows how overworked they are.. 😔

  • Hiraru Minamoto
    Hiraru Minamoto Il y a 41 minute


  • hope
    hope Il y a 41 minute

    Some of the reactors are so painfully leftist.

  • Annoying Kid 47
    Annoying Kid 47 Il y a 41 minute

    Car's son

  • lenok smile
    lenok smile Il y a 41 minute

    Русские бы сабы

  • It’s Hallie
    It’s Hallie Il y a 42 minutes


  • xocv91
    xocv91 Il y a 42 minutes

    louis outsold

  • Syafira
    Syafira Il y a 43 minutes

    louis getting the love he deserves >>>>>>

  • AWESOME 27
    AWESOME 27 Il y a 43 minutes

    One call away is my favorite and Charlie's least favorite. 😟

  • imakpop fan01
    imakpop fan01 Il y a 43 minutes


  • Celeste GP
    Celeste GP Il y a 44 minutes

    I see my boyfriends and I started my day🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Google user 35
    Google user 35 Il y a 46 minutes

    Louis is a legend and underrated legend

  • Clara_blk
    Clara_blk Il y a 46 minutes

    I hâte Lucas and Sophie omgg

  • Adriana
    Adriana Il y a 46 minutes


  • aleksandra
    aleksandra Il y a 47 minutes

    waiting for more videos with louis!!

  • loki lwt
    loki lwt Il y a 48 minutes

    KMM by louis was mind blowing and it suits his voice amazingly!! louis invented indie-pop.✊

  • aleksandra
    aleksandra Il y a 49 minutes

    louis legend

  • anna
    anna Il y a 49 minutes


  • Tiago Ondas
    Tiago Ondas Il y a 51 minute

    React nle choppa

  • Midnight Wolf
    Midnight Wolf Il y a 51 minute

    OMG TOM ! Live your hair 😂

  • Angus Mcfadden
    Angus Mcfadden Il y a 52 minutes

    Hell yes stuckmann getting more recognition

  • Alo Levin
    Alo Levin Il y a 53 minutes

    People who think One Direction and some of their solo music (esp Harry's and Niall's) are completely different clearly have never heard FOUR and MITAM lol

    • Kaylee
      Kaylee Il y a 44 minutes

      I know right lol

  • Alison Castellanos
    Alison Castellanos Il y a 53 minutes

    zarbruhhhhhhh that’s right :))))

    • karla campos
      karla campos Il y a 47 minutes

      Alison Castellanos ong bro

    • Rose
      Rose Il y a 52 minutes

      Alison Castellanos 8m literally in love with him

  • Odd_Future
    Odd_Future Il y a 54 minutes

    I see "Euphoria" ....I click.

  • kayla-chan uwu
    kayla-chan uwu Il y a 55 minutes

    i only clicked for carson and garrett

  • infinite gamer
    infinite gamer Il y a 57 minutes


  • Angel Marcel
    Angel Marcel Il y a 57 minutes

    Zayns music video is oldest I even was thinking what would they put sksksks

  • King Izail
    King Izail Il y a heure

    Yall should make nf video with his new album.

  • Geovana Teixeira
    Geovana Teixeira Il y a heure

    Louis Tomlinson is the best

  • Edgy
    Edgy Il y a heure

    hey it car

  • - h a n n a h -
    - h a n n a h - Il y a heure

    every comment is about carson w h a t pog

  • fleetinginnocence
    fleetinginnocence Il y a heure


  • fleetinginnocence
    fleetinginnocence Il y a heure


  • Mr. CorrectOpinion
    Mr. CorrectOpinion Il y a heure


  • Cogic Designer
    Cogic Designer Il y a heure


  • Random Lisa
    Random Lisa Il y a heure

    Ah My babies ❤️

  • kayla-chan uwu
    kayla-chan uwu Il y a heure


  • Holly Downes
    Holly Downes Il y a heure


  • Floor Jolink
    Floor Jolink Il y a heure


  • Ricardo Nuñez
    Ricardo Nuñez Il y a heure

    Todos son buenos y tienen diferentes sonidos!