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Why I stopped.
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Forbidden memes
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My 100 Mil Award BROKE!
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Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!
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Rating Memes from 0-10
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It's time to STOP!
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I vlogged the Honeymoon..
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Twitch Girls be like...
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Best Week Ever.
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Adressing the Rumours..
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Dr Phil hosts Meme Review
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100 000 000 Subs
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FaceApp Review
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Minecraft Skyblock #1
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Papers, Please!
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Minecraft Part 1
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Keanu Reeves
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Looking at my Analytics
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E3 2019 Summarized
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Shoutout to Jacksepticeye
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  • TheSteveFrenchh
    TheSteveFrenchh Il y a 3 secondes

    felix: *fingers camera* bros: owo

  • Samuel Habington
    Samuel Habington Il y a 3 secondes

    Felix: tickling is inappropriate Also Felix: LETS FINGER!

  • Storm132 __
    Storm132 __ Il y a 3 secondes

    Is that one punch man.. *Disagrees in Plus Ultra*

  • GachiAsh xP
    GachiAsh xP Il y a 3 secondes

    Felix, y'know.. It wasn't one punch man.. It was my hero academia.. You dissappoint me.. You fake weeb (no I'm not mad I was sarcastic to anyone that's gonna attack me UwU)

  • Apex Reaper
    Apex Reaper Il y a 5 secondes

    5:54 that's a reference to boku no hero academia

  • Jayden
    Jayden Il y a 5 secondes

    When tf did pewdiepie kill the council of watersheep

  • Genius Mark
    Genius Mark Il y a 5 secondes

    0:01 great beginning for a funny video. 📹🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏😜😅👍👌

  • Captain Fordo
    Captain Fordo Il y a 5 secondes


  • Adam Qasem
    Adam Qasem Il y a 6 secondes

    Hi guys

  • Mike Hocksbig
    Mike Hocksbig Il y a 6 secondes

    Hello i new friend you chill my backyard yes?

    ZERNOVK A Il y a 6 secondes

    Кто руский

  • rami amara
    rami amara Il y a 6 secondes

    Bahogo's death in mha manga

  • Sub if you like my comment?
    Sub if you like my comment? Il y a 6 secondes

    Remember to grab your Gfuel for the raid guys!

    HELL BOY GAMER 12 Il y a 7 secondes


  • Someone
    Someone Il y a 7 secondes

    7:45 Me:MY EYE!!!

  • Angel anne beatrice Delacruz
    Angel anne beatrice Delacruz Il y a 7 secondes

    Thats is a mushroom island.

  • Pathetic Weeaboo
    Pathetic Weeaboo Il y a 8 secondes

    6:01 Pewdiepie: *iS tHat OnE pUnCh MAn???* Me, a My Hero Academia fan: **surprised pikachu face**

  • Roach
    Roach Il y a 10 secondes

    Can i have ur old chair? Need to increase my aim and my gamer sense.

  • Маша Маша
    Маша Маша Il y a 11 secondes

    Why your cap is russian?

  • Louis Baldet
    Louis Baldet Il y a 12 secondes

    Ew midrolls

  • Lil_ Grem
    Lil_ Grem Il y a 12 secondes

    what will you bring in your inventory when invading area51

  • Awerty Rules
    Awerty Rules Il y a 12 secondes

    Its Attack on titans

  • Kyu aka Rigel
    Kyu aka Rigel Il y a 13 secondes

    6:00 it's Boku no hero academia, am i right?

  • Suhantha Rhupen
    Suhantha Rhupen Il y a 13 secondes


  • Perfectly Fine
    Perfectly Fine Il y a 13 secondes

    7:39 an ad played, thus interrupting the surprie tickle.

  • Andreas As
    Andreas As Il y a 15 secondes

    Felix: Maybe tickle is inapropriate how about fingering!😂

  • Mateogaming34 Youtubeur
    Mateogaming34 Youtubeur Il y a 15 secondes

    Hi PewDiePie I wanted to tell you great rap and I'd like to do like you with a worse enemy of my school and you're the best FRclipr in the world ❤️👍👌

  • ElectrossHD
    ElectrossHD Il y a 15 secondes

    For your information guys people are doing fake Area 51 Live-streams so I hope you don’t waste your time your time is so precious 💕

  • Leftovers Spaghetti
    Leftovers Spaghetti Il y a 15 secondes

    All the raiders of Area 51 should be remembered and wrote be in the history book.

  • Sketch Tube
    Sketch Tube Il y a 15 secondes

    PewDiePie:looks through the triangle shaped award Media:recent discovery PewDiePie is secretly part of the Illuminati!

  • Sinixe ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
    Sinixe ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ Il y a 16 secondes

    Yes, finger licking pickle

  • Solo per commentare
    Solo per commentare Il y a 17 secondes

    Yo 12h is like a series with 15 episodes i'm gonna chill with pew for a weak all day

  • Verdant
    Verdant Il y a 17 secondes

    When Felix is swiping his finger around the screen it’s what is see when my mum wipes my face with her finger

  • weirdo mations
    weirdo mations Il y a 18 secondes

    Seriously, you upload this at 11 pm.btw my country is 11pm and thats mean its late at night

  • Joshua Dzidrums
    Joshua Dzidrums Il y a 18 secondes


  • Karim Nuri
    Karim Nuri Il y a 19 secondes

    It would've been so much better if they switched the rewards and the 50 million ruby play button was the 100 million reward instead.

  • Coolcat_tom
    Coolcat_tom Il y a 19 secondes

    Swedish man fingers entire fanbase

  • Илларион Васильев

    Офигенная кепка(•√•)

  • Musa Melody
    Musa Melody Il y a 20 secondes

    I'm still trying to understand what LIWAY stands for ..

  • Wholesome Hole
    Wholesome Hole Il y a 21 seconde

    I never used to watch pewdiepie now I watch every day

  • Brian Dominguez
    Brian Dominguez Il y a 21 seconde

    Government: fine UFOs are real now don’t raid us

  • Boromir Kalashnikov
    Boromir Kalashnikov Il y a 21 seconde

    When are you going to deleate your chanel???

  • Efe Balbay
    Efe Balbay Il y a 22 secondes

    He copied me spahgetti and meatballs esas my idea i spamed it on pewds 12 hour stream

  • はくめいしろこ
    はくめいしろこ Il y a 22 secondes

    "Aaaaahh, ran Faggy," Me : ah.. *remember back when Felix and Jack Black arguing about faggy thing in last eposide*

  • m a n a a i m j e a i f f
    m a n a a i m j e a i f f Il y a 23 secondes


  • VOiD_ Donkey
    VOiD_ Donkey Il y a 25 secondes

    They traced the My Hero Acadamia All Might and All for One fight

  • Titans' Gaming
    Titans' Gaming Il y a 26 secondes

    100 k viewer

  • Muppet
    Muppet Il y a 26 secondes

    Wow Pewds never watched one punch man let alone hero academia 😯

  • obwilly
    obwilly Il y a 28 secondes

    spaghetti and meatballs

  • KingAlex21
    KingAlex21 Il y a 28 secondes

    Yay im not in school but i should but now i can watch pewdiepie

  • Dad
    Dad Il y a 28 secondes

    *he just called all might saitama*

  • Fire_M_Fist
    Fire_M_Fist Il y a 28 secondes


  • school life
    school life Il y a 28 secondes

    Yaaa its ×LWIAY× time

  • Ju Dri
    Ju Dri Il y a 28 secondes

    Super early where the view count was 6 views lol

  • Tushar Borbora
    Tushar Borbora Il y a 29 secondes

    Curse you felix the pewdiepie for uploading a video just when i was sitting down to study for my exam tomorrow!!!

  • GRTV Gaming
    GRTV Gaming Il y a 29 secondes

    7:24 illuminaty confirmed🙇‍♂️

  • Oddzed
    Oddzed Il y a 29 secondes

    Puts my ass on the screen so Felix fingers me*

  • Lenarti Zhushi
    Lenarti Zhushi Il y a 29 secondes

    dude i respect you but...... I DONT CARE FOR LWIAY PLAY MINCRAFT🤬🤬🤬!!!!!!

  • Khrystyian
    Khrystyian Il y a 30 secondes

    *I’m so disappointed that price of the chair at **3:23** isn’t $420.69..*

  • Billystacio
    Billystacio Il y a 30 secondes

    6:30 the most romantic shit you will ever see

  • NitroWasHere
    NitroWasHere Il y a 30 secondes

    Without any trace of Minecraft Singleplayer Uploads with Sven over the past days, it hurts me to say that.. *gaming week is over*

  • Evan Eat's
    Evan Eat's Il y a 31 seconde

    Anyone wanna help me get to 1k subs?

  • 1000 subs with no videos challenge !

    spaghetti and meatballs exist Pewdipie: Enough to make a grown man cry

  • Legendary salboy
    Legendary salboy Il y a 31 seconde

    Pewdiepie is a amazing guy who just make good funny content like meme review, gaming video and LWIAY MEDIA: wait this illegal .. ALSO MEDIA: say something controversial..

  • cadet 50118
    cadet 50118 Il y a 31 seconde

    Please play Terraria

  • Cake - Sensei
    Cake - Sensei Il y a 32 secondes

    Felix, we’re supposed to be raiding Area 51?

  • Advanced Bobs
    Advanced Bobs Il y a 32 secondes


  • SharpXII
    SharpXII Il y a 32 secondes

    omfg the ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sub if you like my comment?
    Sub if you like my comment? Il y a 33 secondes

    When Pewdiepie finally reviews an Area 51 meme again... ON THE DAY OF THE RAID. Kinda too late for hype buddy

  • Kostas Spirit
    Kostas Spirit Il y a 33 secondes

    "Maybe tickle isnt appropriate, how about just fingering.." ~Pewdiepie 2019

  • jinjaylord
    jinjaylord Il y a 34 secondes

    Hi pewds!

  • the gaming lynx
    the gaming lynx Il y a 34 secondes

    When people see a video that isn't Minecraft (ノ•̀ o •́ )ノ ~ ┻━┻

    JAAP SMOT MERCH Il y a 34 secondes

    Roses are red Violets are blue Hey I got a like Wait why is it blue

  • Rage virus and zombification are 2 diverse concepts

    0:51 PewDiePie as engineer be like

  • D.Ely
    D.Ely Il y a 35 secondes

    Lwiay song full yes plz

  • andrey is sad
    andrey is sad Il y a 35 secondes

    It said at 6:00 he did it in 3 months and water sheep was there. The first episode of minecraft was 2 months ago! How did he predicted water sheep?

  • Hunter Strike
    Hunter Strike Il y a 35 secondes

    Thats not a spider..... Its a cockroach 8:06

  • Crøwn Animation
    Crøwn Animation Il y a 35 secondes

    Hi mr Pew

    MAV KFS Il y a 37 secondes


  • Shapeshift_Moon
    Shapeshift_Moon Il y a 37 secondes

    "Maybe tickles isn't good, what about fingerings?" *please no-*

  • Khrystyian
    Khrystyian Il y a 37 secondes

    *I’m so disappointed that price of the chair at **3:23** isn’t $420.69*

  • Subaru-Kun The Otaku Dude !
    Subaru-Kun The Otaku Dude ! Il y a 37 secondes

    Fresh from the oven.. Always to eat while its hot

  • Maxi
    Maxi Il y a 37 secondes

    Who’s going to win the boxing match? Like for KSI❤️ Comment for Logan💙

    AJIT JADHAV Il y a 38 secondes


  • Nguyen Tuan
    Nguyen Tuan Il y a 38 secondes

    That animation short was traced from Full Metal Alchemist and My Hero Academia

  • Sacana Gipsy
    Sacana Gipsy Il y a 38 secondes

    gamers,the raid is happening right now,we gotta pray for pee pee poo poo and water sheep to bless them

  • Ziko 1234
    Ziko 1234 Il y a 39 secondes

    Me:sees gets a notification for this Me:SHUT UP im watching ricardo

  • Praveen P K
    Praveen P K Il y a 39 secondes

    It's my hero academia pewds not one punch man

  • Lonly Guy
    Lonly Guy Il y a 39 secondes

    aka your epic

  • BlueProZert GT
    BlueProZert GT Il y a 39 secondes

    Minecraft end can we get PewDiePie to play terraria or Hytale

  • Metalplayz
    Metalplayz Il y a 40 secondes


  • Kiri1234jojo
    Kiri1234jojo Il y a 40 secondes

    Pends tweeting with FRclip and flex seal is awesome

  • Thanos
    Thanos Il y a 41 seconde

    How many people are still STORMING AREA 51 today?! 😂 👽 What are you getting with you?! 🛠

  • Real Zefz
    Real Zefz Il y a 41 seconde

    Any one else is grinding there ass off while watching someone with 100 mill

  • DragonSinOfWrath Meliodas !
    DragonSinOfWrath Meliodas ! Il y a 42 secondes

    6:01 WTF

  • Sebastian Russo
    Sebastian Russo Il y a 42 secondes

    7:52 his genuine smile makes me happy

  • drake white
    drake white Il y a 42 secondes

    Me: watching FRclip in VR Nobody: Litteraly no one: The sky: Air: Pewds damn finger: Fuck Your Personal Space

  • Lancy Gl
    Lancy Gl Il y a 42 secondes

    pewds : is that one punch man? weebs : *my hero academia angry weeb noises*

  • Drago X
    Drago X Il y a 42 secondes

    Pretend i said something funny and like it because its funny

  • Vic Wallays
    Vic Wallays Il y a 43 secondes

    7:44 maybe just *what* felix?